Top 4 Summer Study Spots On Campus

It’s no secret that Rome can get pretty warm in the spring and summer months. With the city full of tourists during peak season and the sun beating down on the crowded streets, it can feel a little overwhelming if you step outside to collect your thoughts, get some fresh air, or enjoy the sunshine. Walking around to see your favorite monuments, squares, and vicoli throughout the city will still be fun, but during your Summer sessions at John Cabot University, you might be looking to switch things up. Why not grab a refreshing gelato and go hide away on your favorite terrace at the Guarini campus?

One of the greatest advantages to John Cabot’s Guarini campus is that it really feels like an outdoor campus. Especially during the warmer months, when you want to soak in the summer sun and enjoy a rooftop view of Rome, but you know you have to study… Guarini has the perfect spots for you.

Here are the best 4 places to study (or relax) during the summer at JCU’s Guarini campus:

1.  The Lemon Tree CourtyardJohn Cabot's Guarini campus, summer in Rome, where to study in Rome, Trastevere, John cabot campus

The Lemon Tree Courtyard is a student favorite at any time of year. The courtyard’s iconic green umbrellas, round tables, bright walls, and blooming bougainvillea are well-known to anyone who has ever studied at John Cabot. Although students spend most of their free time on campus here, depending on the time of day and class schedule, this booming, energetic courtyard can turn into a tranquil and serene escape from the rest of the bustling city. Enjoy a quick game of ping pong, grab a coffee or a snack from the vending machines, and chat with your friends. And once your classmates have to go back to their own classes or get on with their day, grab a table for yourself and enjoy the shade of one the lemon trees, as you study in one of the most beautiful spots in Rome.

2. The Secchia Terrace

The Secchia Terrace is a quieter spot. If you prefer to study in total peace and quiet, away from distractions, then this is the place for you. After you climb all the winding steps in the Secchia wing of Guarini, you will reach the rooftop. Before you hit the books, make sure to take a few moments to take in the view. The Secchia Terrace overlooks the campus, as well as the beautifully diverse rooftops of Trastevere. The layers of the city seen from the roof terrace can only be seen at such a height; as you stand in awe of Rome’s beauty, you will surely feel proud to be standing on the roof of your very own beloved campus.

John Cabot's Guarini campus, summer in Rome, where to study in Rome, Trastevere, John cabot campus, meditation garden trastevere

3. The Meditation Garden

Located in the Kushlan Wing (near the Writing Center), the Meditation Garden is open at all times the campus is open for all JCU students. The peaceful garden is a haven for any student searching for a reflective moment of contemplation in his or her busy schedule. The idea was born at an Interfaith club meeting in 2013, and all of the student clubs and STAND have made donations to keep it up and running. Whether you dedicate the space to a time of prayer, meditation, or thought, the Meditation Garden is a wonderful oasis in the Guarini Campus.

4. The Executive Terrace

Much like the Roof Terrace, another one of Guarini campus’s wonderful outdoor spots is the lower terrace in the Secchia wing of the campus, called the Executive Terrace (don’t let the name fool you… it’s open to students too!). It’s also a great spot for some alone study time, although on this terrace you can feel the hustle and bustle of the city below a little bit more. Overlooking the Arch of Settimiano and the happenings of Via Della Lungara, this beautiful escape is peaceful, yet it still feels like you’re in the middle of the Eternal City. This is the perfect spot for you if you love to study in cafes, outdoor restaurants, or other places that are fairly serene but still have a little bit of background noise.

Studying for your summer classes can be a great excuse to explore some hidden parts of Guarini you may have forgotten about. Take advantage of the charming courtyards and terraces, and find the perfect spot to spend your days on campus!

Alexa Vujaklija (Shearer)
Class of 2015
Communications Major
Grew up in the United States, Germany, the Republic of Georgia, Russia, and Bulgaria

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