Student Spotlight: Kerry Wimley, Study Abroad Spring 2013

I had a blast playing Calcetto at John Cabot University. It was a fun adjustment to play 5v5 soccer. Though it is very different from 11v11, it’s a great game and I think the experience will help me in future full field games because of the required fine-tuned accuracy and footwork.

JCU Student Spotlight, Kerry Wimley, Study Abroad in Rome, John cabot athletics, calcettoAside from getting to play my favorite game against talented Roman teams every week, I was lucky enough to meet some great people who contributed to an incredibly fun season and wonderful study abroad experience. It was enlightening to be able to experience something I’m so familiar with in a new context where I was able to learn about more than just soccer from my teammates and coach. I can’t imagine my study abroad experience without soccer, the people it led me to meet, and the various cultural nuances to which it made me aware.

Kerry Wimley
Boston College
Business Major
Study Abroad Spring 2013

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