Student Spotlight: Fritz Bremer, JCU Class of 2017

Every experience; every situation; adds to who you are; who I am. My name is Fritz Bremer and I am German but I have lived in Jerusalem for 14 years and now Rome for 5 years, and throughout all the years, it has been the places and the people along the way that have made me the person I am today. They add to my foundation and with every new experience, another new piece becomes part of that foundation.

It all started in Jerusalem where I went to an American private school which was fairly small, allowing me to expand my knowledge about all the international students that visited. Some only came for a few semesters; others had been going there for a couple of years. Due to this very common movement of students I was able to get to know many different people, and experience many different cultures. This shaped me to be quite an open-minded person; a person who seems to think that there is always more out there for me to look forward to. I have begun to understand that we all have our own stories to share and often times we find that judging someone might be easier than accepting them for who they really are.

When I came to Rome at the age of 14, in a much less international school, quite a few things changed. Living in a European city gave me an even bigger view on the world as I began to realize how things work in such an industrialized city. Allowing me to really appreciate what I had in Israel, this is where I started noticing that people are shaped through the culture they grow up in, where everyone’s background is different and where different mentalities come with these backgrounds. I learned that it is only through such an environment that one’s personality can grow even deeper.

The situation that shaped me the most in my life was certainly my moving; the change in location, going from Jerusalem to Rome. The fact that I speak English, German and Italian is due to this change. By knowing people all over the globe, now I am able to continuously gain knowledge on how different people’s backgrounds and lifestyles can be, and how much is truly out there. Overall I suppose I have learned that I am no longer surprised when something completely new comes my way.


Fritz Bremer
Communications Major
JCU class of 2017
Grew up in Israel and Italy

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