Student Spotlight: Ahmad Kazi, International Business Major

Hi, my name is Ahmad and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana!

I wanted to share my story with other aspiring John Cabot students in the United States.  I first learned about John Cabot my junior year when I met with Mr. Joe Amorosino, JCU’s admissions representative, at my school.  Before I realized it, two hours had passed, the rest of the people in the room were closing up for the day and I was still talking to Mr. Amorosino about the numerous possibilities that John Cabot would open up for me.

Colosseum, John cabot Student Spotlight, Ahmad Kazi, International Business Major, study abroad in Rome, American university in Italy, study business in ItalyThe level of comfort I had while talking with Mr. Amorosino made me feel that my decision was a wise, well thought out choice, and after arriving and seeing first-hand how well organized JCU is, any worries I had about living and studying overseas disappeared.  John Cabot staff picked me up at the airport, helped me move into my residence hall, and took me through a slew of orientation activities, allowing me to adjust quickly to life in Rome.

I have been here for a month now and I am loving it! I am starting to know my way around the city and am now able to hold basic conversations in Italian with the locals. I am living with three other guys in my apartment, two from Macedonia and one from southern Italy and we have been getting along like old friends. My Italian roommate is helping me with my Italian homework and pronunciation and the Macedonian roommates are telling me about their culture, language and food.

John Cabot University was definitely the right choice for me.  If you’re thinking about going to college abroad, take my old employer Nike’s motto and “Just do it!”

Ahmad Kazi
JCU Class of 2017
International Business Major
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

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