John Cabot University: Your Home Base for World Travels While You Study Abroad

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Many students study abroad with the goal to travel frequently during their time overseas and to see as much as possible.

Thanks to Rome’s central location, two well-served airports, and multiple train stations, travel possibilities are endless. Weekend trips to Marrakech are just as feasible as trips to London, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East.

While we recommend you also make it a goal to see as much of Rome as possible during your time studying abroad at John Cabot University, we understand the opportunity for further international travel is very exciting to think about, especially if you’re new to traveling abroad. There are some things worth keeping in mind for when you plan weekend excursions. This not only applies for getting to and from there, but also balancing your academics with your free time, and even enjoying your trips with your fellow students. Here’s what you need to know about using JCU as your base for exploring the globe during your time abroad.

How to Save Money on Trips, Whether on Planes or Trains

Although traveling typically comes with a hefty price tag, the frugal traveler can plan seemingly expensive voyages without breaking the bank. There are many great resources you can use when planning your travels that allow you to view all of your options for arriving from Rome to your destination. When looking for flights, check out sites like and to compare discount airlines.


JCU’s Student Services offers trips for students within Italy

Travel within Italy is typically done by train. Those who study abroad in Italy should know that John Cabot University Student Services plans inexpensive trips and activities each semester throughout Italy, such as a weekend trip through Italy’s Veneto region (Venice, Verona and Vicenzo) or a weekend excursion in April to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.

Balance Traveling With Academia When You Study Abroad

The moment you arrive in Italy, it can be easy to start planning a busy schedule packed with travel. However, it’s important to slow down and remember that you will also need to find time to study and keep up with your classes. At JCU, classes run from Monday to Thursday, so students will have plenty of opportunity to explore on the weekends.

To make the most of your tripswithout being stressed about exams or studies, consider keeping a calendar or planner filled with any important deadlines when you study abroad in Italy. You can use it to keep track of classes, deadlines, projects, exams, and any other extra-curricular commitments. Before booking any travels, check that it won’t clash with your studies. By keeping track of your commitments, you’ll be able to avoid stressful situations and last-minute cram sessions.

Study abroad

Although traveling outside of Rome is exciting, be sure to explore it while you live there, too!

But Don’t Forget to Continue Exploring Rome, Either!

Studying in Rome while at JCU provides unlimited travel opportunities, but make sure to spend time getting to know your home base. One could spend a lifetime in Rome without having the chance to explore all of Rome’s neighborhoods, museums, parks, and historical sites, so make sure to reserve weekends to explore your new home away from home! You’ll not only discover a spectacular city in a brand new country, but you may discover a thing or two about yourself, as well. If you have any tips or questions about traveling with Rome as your homebase, email [email protected] with your suggestions!

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