JCU’s Resources for Academic Success

Resources for Academic SuccessAt John Cabot University, we understand that for many students school is a bit of a juggling act. And if you’ve chosen to study in Italy, you may be feeling displaced from familiar surroundings and the support of loved ones. Doing your best academically relies on feeling your best. Making new social networks, carving out a place for yourself in the community here, and managing study-related stresses may seem challenging at times.

John Cabot provides resources to manage a range of challenges, both academic and personal. Read about some of our services here, or come by in person to meet with our caring and dedicated staff members.

Academic Tutoring and Library Support

If you’ve chosen to study abroad in Italy and are taking Italian, you may need some extra help with the language. Or perhaps you need to brush up on your English skills? Maybe it’s falling behind in math that is keeping you up at night.Whether it’s words or numbers, John Cabot’s foreign language, writing, and math tutorial labs are available free of charge to help you improve your skills.

You can request individual tutoring, or draw strength from collaborating with group members who share similar difficulties. Study groups have been proven to foster a sense of community and build confidence amongst members – and it always helps to know that other students are up against the same challenges you are.

And if you’re anxious about writing your next research paper and don’t know where to begin at the library, the Frohring staff can help you find the best, most reliable resources for your project. They will guide you through using electronic databases and the Library Portal, which can be accessed off-campus and contains a wealth of general information and research material.

Personal Guidance and Counselling

If you feel that a personal worry or struggle is getting in the way of your study abroad experience, consider booking an appointment with one of our counsellors. Throughout the summer sessions, Elaine Luti is available to talk with students who are feeling troubled, anxious, depressed, or simply homesick. Talking about a problem can help avoid a build-up of stress that could ultimately impact every aspect of your university life – academics, friendships, and extra-curricular activities.

John Cabot Fitness Center

Regular physical exercise has been proven to ease tension, boost energy, and even increase happiness.  If academic or personal stress is weighing you down, try burning it off at the John Cabot fitness center. There’s a gym at your disposal, featuring bilingual trainers who can help you devise your own workout regime. Also, John Cabot students are welcome to try out a range of fitness classes, all of which are free of charge. In fact, admission to the gym requires only a valid student ID and a recent doctor check-up. Just contact the Center or look online for full details.

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