JCU Theater Society Hosts GRIMprov!

10648475_625000294287382_2381080744624369777_oThe Aula Magna was filled with laughter Tuesday night at John Cabot University’s first improv show hosted by the Theater Society. Named “GRIMprov” for its Halloween theme, the comedy show left students shrieking with laughter.

Kelly Simons, the club’s treasurer, was a member of her previous university’s improv team and created the idea to host GRIMprov at John Cabot this semester. The event was packed with students and faculty alike, enjoying pizza and refreshments while they watched, and occasionally participated, in improvisation games on stage such as A to Z, 60-second Fairytale, and Party Quirks. Professor Connelly’s “Drama 101” class also joined in on the fun, along with two members of the audience who were up to the challenge.


Theater Society president Samantha Abear was very happy with the performance, noting that “improv includes quick thinking and a vivid imagination, I was very proud of all of the participants.”

The Theater Society has already begun planning the next improv night for next semester, but until then everyone is welcome to join the club’s weekly meetings held each Wednesday in T.G.3. from 7:30-8:30!


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