JCU Men’s Soccer Tie Decisive Match Against LUISS University


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On Wednesday, April 15th, the JCU male Gladiators battled their last match of the regular season. Taking on LUISS University, the two teams gave their all in the game that ultimately determined the final classifications of the tournament.

LUISS jumped into the game determined to secure their first placement in the Roman Universities tournament, while the JCU Gladiators entered the field set on winning the fourth placement.

With both teams oozing persistence and fortitude, both the steaks and pressure were extremely high from the offset, yet the goal posts saw little action.

Come the second half of the game, and LUISS attempts by all means to increase the pressure of their vicious offense, only to find an equal strength of opposition from the Gladiators. Thanks to man of the match Verrina, whose quick-fire reflexes saved two very close calls, with the help of the impenetrable defenders De Tomassi and Vallese.

After a rigorous 90-minutes of game time, the Gladiators manage to bring home the determining point to secure their fourth placement in the tournament, thanks to which JCU will take on UCSC University for the single quarter final match at Petriana, on Monday, April 20th.

Come show your JCU spirit and support our Male Gladiators for the most anticipated game of the season!

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