JCU Men’s Soccer: A Bittersweet Week for the Gladiators


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JCU Gladiators

JCU – LCU: 1-3

On Monday, March 3rd, the John Cabot Gladiators faced Link Campus University, the current title holders of the Roman Universities Championship. With both teams eagerly competing for victory, the evening proved to be one of quality football and sportsmanship.

The blow of the whistle signaled the start of the match, and the Gladiators hit the ground running, with Verrina, Russo, Coad, Vallese, Lopez, Pillon, Rusescu, Aime, Mihailovi, Romano, and Ludovichetti controlling the field.Thanks to a beautiful assist from Aime that breaks through defense, Romano bags the first goal of the match. However, the score is quickly evened, as LCU resurface with a very precise free kick.

At neck-and-neck, both teams gave their all and the high intensity of the match did not ease the job of the referee. The Gladiators are once again penalized, and fall behind as LCU scores their second goal with the execution of a strategic free kick while the JCU defense discussed with the referee. Coach Concari’s half-time speech proved helpful, as new energies and an improved tactical order keep the Gladiators at the offensive side of the field for most of the second half. Yet luck did not side with the Gladiators as Romano, Ludovichetti and Pillon attempt to tie the score several times, only to face LCU’s tough defense and counterattack.

The game concludes with LCU securing the win at 3-1. Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio kept the spirits high: “Despite the loss, the Gladiators played brilliantly against one of the toughest teams. We managed to make more attempts at goal, and faced the opponents head-on without fear. The Gladiators are more than ready to even the score at the championship finals!” The man of this match goes to Nicolò de Tomassi, whose leadership united and organized the team during the second half of play time.

JCU – UER: 2-1

On Wednesday, March 12th, the Gladiators played a challenging match against UER, emerging triumphant with a narrow victory of 2 – 1. The first half proved a nervous opening for the Gladiators, as the usually surefire kicks of Sergio Romano and Adriano Landi ventured astray on three priceless occasions where the two found themselves head to head with the goalie.The first half closes with the scoreboard untouched.

The Gladiators maintained a sound position in both defense and attack, but let their nerves get the better of them as they confronted the very skilled adversaries. Half time called for Coach Concari to restore the confidence and concentration of the team, which proved pivotal in the first minutes of continued playtime.

The second half kicked off with the Gladiators pressing the offense strong, and immediately taking the lead thanks to Captain Sergio Romano who brilliantly curved in the first goal of the match. A quarter of an hour passes, and the Gladiators secured the lead at 2-0, as a half-field free kick by Luca Santagati crossed seamlessly to John Coad who then smashed home a goal.

The closing minutes of game time saw a minor injury result in a penalty kick for UER, who managed to bag one goal moments before the final blow of the whistle. The hard-fought match concludes with a match score of 2-1 for JCU. Congratulations to the male Gladiators for their second victory of the week!

Come support the JCU Gladiators on Thursday, March 19th as the face UPL (Università Pontificia Lateranese). Transportation to the field will be provided, and departing from Tiber Campus at 7:15pm

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