JCU Gladiators Continue to Climb Soccer Rankings

February 26, 2015

Men’s Soccer: JCU beats Erasmus 1-0!

JCU Male Gladiators Vs. Erasmus, JCU Gladiators Continue to Climb Soccer Rankings, john cabot athletics

On Monday, February 23rd, the JCU male Gladiators took on Erasmus in the 11th match game at Petriana. The teams fought head to head for the third placement in the Men’s soccer championship.

The match kicked off as Coach Concari unleashed his men in the field with Verrina in goal; Russo, Coad, Vallese, and Lopez in defense; Landi, Rusescu, Aime and Mihailovic in midfield; as well as Romano and Ludovichetti in attack.

The first half of the game set the grounds for a very entertaining match, defined by quality football and good pace. JCU maintained skillful ball possession with Erasmus eager to get remittance. Both sides of defense were very concentrated, leaving the score null-null at the end of the first 40 minutes.

The second half began with Erasmus switching up their strategy, this time with 3 players in defense. The opponent’s superiority in midfield caused a few dangerous junctures, yet it is right in their best moment of play time that JCU broke the deadlock. 14 minutes into the second half, Russo’s powerful free kick passed the goalkeeper. The Gladiators find themselves in the lead at 1-0!

Erasmus were quick to recover, but thanks to excellent defense, the score remained untouched until the very end of the match with 4 long minutes of overtime. The match proved to be an excellent performance for team Captain Romano and his companions, who brought home three important points for the fight to the top of the standings.

The man of the match was Gianluca Russo, not only for scoring the lone goal, but also for his persistent efforts during all 85 minutes of game time. “I am extremely happy to have scored my first goal in Italy. I never thought I would have this opportunity to play abroad, and to have scored made it that much better. It will definitely be a story to tell for years to come. I hope that I can bag some more goals during the remainder of the season and have more stories to tell.”

Come show your support and JCU sprit for the Gladiators next week as the men’s team confront Foro Italico- the reigning champions of the league.
Women’s Soccer: JCU defeat Futsal 149 16-14!

JCU Lady Gladiators , JCU Male Gladiators Vs. Erasmus, JCU Gladiators Continue to Climb Soccer Rankings, john cabot athletics

On Tuesday, February 24th, the JCU Lady Gladiators faced Futsal 149 for the return match of the “Coppa Time” Quarterfinal.

The first half of the game saw a slow start for our Gladiators, as the rain flooded the field and complicated playing conditions. At 25 minutes into the match, the Gladiators found themselves at a 6-1 disadvantage.

Motivation from Coach Paolo Farina, and a little rest during half time, motivated the Lady Gladiators to fight till the end. The JCU team miraculously came back strong within a matter of minutes, with the dynamic duo Emily H. and Madalene S. scoring goal after goal until reaching an aggregate tie of 12-12.

The suspense peaked with the end of official game, as the referee lined up the teams for the defining free kick sequence. With Alyssa E. in goal, Futsal 149 only managed to gain an extra advantage of two goals, while the Lady Gladiators bagged another 4 goals.

After a hard-fought game, the team secured their place in the “Coppa Time” semifinals with a final result of 16-14.

A big congratulations to our Lady Gladiators!

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