JCU Basketball and Volleyball Teams Fight On

Co-ed Basketball :

JCU Basketball, JCU  Volleyball, college sports, study abroad in Rome

On Wednesday, February 25th, the JCU basketball team played their first game of the season with a friendly match against AUR.

The first quarter saw the two teams scoring one after the other while maintaining an even standing. Both teams had a very organized defense, and great shooters, keeping both teams neck-and-neck throughout.

In the second quarter however, the Gladiators started to dominate the game as they gave enforced their defense and blocked AUR’s attempts of scoring. The combination of great teamwork and effective passes kept the Gladiators afloat, with the team leading with 45 points in the second quarter of the match.

AUR managed to come back strong in the remaining quarter of playtime with a powerful scoring streak, drawing their score closer to that of the Gladiators.

AUR’s comeback was cut short, as the blow of the whistle signified the end of the friendly, with the victory of 82 to 57 for the Gladiators!

Co-ed Volleyball:

JCU Co-ed Volleyball, JCU Basketball, JCU  Volleyball, college sports, study abroad in Rome On Wednesday, February 25th,  the JCU co-ed volleyball team faced Foro Italico, one of the strongest teams in the league. As the Gladiators had already secured their position in the semifinals, the team tried out new strategies and formations in the match.

The magic six entering the field were: Lucio D’A., Manuela P., Roberta F., Cash K., Lili C., and Mattias G. The team immediately showed confidence and great balance, as they took the lead with the first few points.

Foro Italico was able to catch up steadily with point after point, breaking JCU’s strong lead. The score remained tight until the opponents took advantage of the weakened defense,scoring 10 points in a row. Despite the disadvantage, the Gladiators fought on until the last point of the set.

Tension and frustration fuel the start of the second set. The Gladiators struggle tofight against Foro Italico’s skilled spikers. The gap between JCU and the opponents eventually grows more distant, as Foro Italico finally secures their victory.

Despite their defeat, the Gladiators fought strong until the very end,  and will strive to improve as the championship progresses.

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