JCU Athletics Push On in the Second Week of the Game Season

Women’s Soccer: A Magnificent First Victory of the Season!

Despite a change in performers, the symphony remains the same, as the Lady Gladiators brought home a fabulous victory, beating 149 Futsal 10-6, on Wednesday, February 11th.

The Lady Gladiators climbed their way to the top of the league in December 2014, and seem to remain unstoppable from the first game of the season. Our athletes played with improved organization, thanks to the exceptional work of coach Paolo Farina.

Despite our great win, the start of the game was slightly rocky, as the opponents took the lead temporarily with a score of 1-0. However, juts a few moments later, Emily balanced the score at 1 all. The opponents continued to climb ahead until a lead of 3-1. Yet, our girls didn’t give up, despite the tough opposition they faced. Team Captain Mary started to balance the score with a beautiful goal, but the Lady Gladiators still found themselves with a final score of 5-3 for the first half in favour of 149 Futsal.

The Lady Gladiators pushed on the turbo from the very beginning of the second half with the power couple Emily H. and Madeleine S. in attack. In a matter of minutes, JCU was leading the scoreboard with a score of 8-5, after some stunning work by the duo. In defense our girls has a great attitude and determination, paving way for the final score and victory of 10-6!

Co-ed Volleyball:

UER-JCU: 2-1

On Wednesday, February 12th, the JCU co-ed volleyball team kicked off their season by participating in the first game of the Roman University Championships against UER, the current title holder.

UER hit the ground running from the very start of the game, with greater organization. Our renewed Gladiators, composed of new faces and playing styles, took a few minutes to truly get into the game. UER were quick on their feet won the first set with the result of 25-16.

During the interval the words of Coach Papari proved encouraging for the Gladiators and let to a final heart-pounding and breath-taking rebalance of the match to 1-1, with the win of 26-24.

The tiebreaker came through a 15-5 loss for our Gladiators, resulting in a finland score of two sets to one.

Despite the defeat, the Gladiators were able to keep their heads high, playing with great pride for the whole game. Let’s wish for a JCU victory on Monday, when it the Gladiators take on Link Campus University.

Men’s Soccer: A Tough Battle for Our Gladiators

Perhaps it was the piercing cold or the continuous studying that broke the Men’s chain of four consecutive victories. LUISS University scored their first lucky goal by chance, as a clumsy kick slipped into our goal. LUISS U scored the second goal during the very last minutes of the game, after a continuous and forceful offense managed to break through our defense.

As always, and despite the loss, our Gladiators showed great commitment and sportsmanship. Let us keep our fingers crossed in hopes for a victory in the next match!

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