JCU Athletics Pave Way for Spring Break with Tough Match Week

JCU Athletics saw the Co-ed volleyball, as well as the Men and Women’s soccer teams give their all in the rigorous games of the Pre-Spring Break week.

Women’s Soccer: 

JCU Lady Gladiators, JCU Athletics, study abroad in Rome, Italy

On Wednesday, April 1st, the JCU Women’s soccer team participated in the 3rd placement playoff game of the “Coppa Time” league, taking on Università Roma 3.

Despite having gotten off to a rocky start, the Gladiators regrouped their strength and focus, making a miraculous recovery from a three-point disadvantage to an even standing.

Yet as time rapidly disappeared, the two final counter-attacks by Roma 3 proved fatal for the Gladiators, and concluded the game with a final score of 6-4. Emily Hagel and Nicole Luvisotti were the stars of the match, as both increased the volume of the game and secured the scoring of JCU’s 4 goals.

Further congratulations to Alyssa Estrada, who won the ‘best goalie’ standing of the entire tournament, thanks to her innumerous saves in each and every game!

The JCU Lady Gladiators placed 4th in the “Coppa Time” tournament out of a total of 12 teams.

Men’s Soccer:

JCU Male Gladiators, JCU Lady Gladiators, JCU Athletics, study abroad in Rome, Italy

On Monday, March 30th, the JCU Men’s soccer team crossed swords with UCSC at Petriana. As USCS has a long history of tough competition with the JCU Gladiators, Monday did not prove an exception.

Both teams battled hard until a ball found its way into the JCU net off of a deflection from a UCSC forward. JCU refused to give in and lose faith, battling hard for every occasion, without result until Captain Sergio Romano received a cross pass in the penalty area, and placing the bar neatly in the top corner, evened the score. Yet shortly after Romano’s goal, a defensive fumble combined with a questionable foul by a UCSC player slipped the ball in JCU’s net once again as the final stroke of the match.

The Gladiators put up a strong fight, and even battled several injuries; starting goalie Alfredo Verrina took a hard kick to the knee and was forced to exit at the end of the first half. Although the score concluded at a 2-1 standing, the Gladiators played with pride and great sportsmanship until the final blow of the whistle.

Co-ed Volleyball:

JCU Co-ed Volleyball 2015, JCU Lady Gladiators, JCU Athletics, study abroad in Rome, Italy
On Tuesday March 31st, the JCU Co-ed volleyball team traveled to the Avila Club to take on LCU in the second game of the tournament semi-finals.

The lack of the home-court advantage was clear from the outset, as the Gladiators were faced with an extremely low gym ceiling, and one which they had not confronted before.

The Gladiators snatched the lead in the beginning of the first set with 3-0, as Roberto Ronzulli hit the ground running and served right on point. However, it soon became apparent that the low ceiling was going to plague the Gladiators for the entire duration of the match, as Link University quickly gained a commanding lead.

Rozulli and D’Alessandro proved to be the key players in their effort to make up the difference in score, yet despite their great efforts, the unfamiliar and confined space of the gym proved incredibly challenging, allowing LCU to bag the win of the match with a final score of 2-0.

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