Walk Everywhere When Rome Is Your Campus

fullsizerender-1Walking through Rome, a city of such incredible history, is quite special. #WhenRomeIsYourCampus it is amazing to just be in the city, but what is even more amazing is how easy it is to walk all over Rome, throughout the historic center and beyond. Everywhere is walkable. From the JCU campuses in Trastevere, I can reach the key historical sites of Rome in twenty minutes. The Vatican, the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon: all at a leisurely stroll.

unspecifiedBeing able to walk everywhere is honestly one of the things I love most about Rome. In cities like London and New York, you can find yourself stranded or taking hours to reach the biggest attractions. Rome is old, and Rome’s foundations and history were much smaller than the city it’s grown into today; for us, that means we are fortunate to be able to reach everything rather quickly. Buses and trams are used a lot, yes, but to walk Rome is an experience you don’t want to pass up.

No matter the distance, I would always choose to walk over taking public transport. And, opinions of the quality of Rome’s public transport aside, I have fallen in love with wandering at my own pace through this glorious city.

img_2990Just by walking, you learn so much about the city you’re in. Rome is blessed with quaint, winding streets and rich architecture. Each piazza, each street, each alley takes you to something amazing. I will never forget, for example, the first time I found the Trevi fountain. I remember wandering out of a tiny back street, and suddenly, I am at one of the largest, most iconic fountains in the world.

Getting lost in Rome is so much fun. The things you find and see make each wander so special. Enjoy strolling, JCU!

BethanyBethany Anne Miller

Class of 2019

Classical Stdies Major

Shrewsbury, England

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