Top 6 Reasons to Learn Italian

A romance language renowned for its musicality and deep roots in western culture, Italian is the fourth-most studied language in the United States for good reason. Although Italian is not as widely spoken as Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese, it is spoken by over 80 million people across the world and proves useful in many situations. Here are our top 6 reasons to learn Italian:

  1. Become a better communicator. Modern Italian is similar to Latin, the ancient language that contributed to 60% of English words. Many Italian words are similar to less commonly-used English words, allowing you to expand your English vocabulary while simultaneously learning a new language. learning Italian, study abroad in italy, italian food, pizza, reasons to learn a new language, jcu student life
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of Italian art and architecture. Whether you are an art buff or simply appreciate the awe-inspiring works created by Italy’s famous painters, sculptors, and architects, your ability to decipher inscriptions and read museum descriptions will allow you to see these great works in a new light. Italy is home to over 60% of the world’s artistic treasures according to UNESCO, and studying Italian in Rome will allow you to experience these incredible works first-hand.
  3. Expand your culinary repertoire. Learn how to pronounce your favorite meals correctly and try your hand at Italian cooking by following authentic recipes. If you are a cook or simply a lover of Italian food, the ability to understand Italian will open up a new world of recipes to try. Plus, you can impress your friends back home with your perfect pronunciation of Italian dishes!
  4. Learn more about classical music. Many of the world’s most famous operas and symphonies were written in Italian for good reason: this musical language lends itself beautifully to song. If you are a musician yourself, you will begin to understand the terminology you see written on sheet music and even improve your ability to understand a composer’s intentions so that you can interpret and perform a piece to perfection.learning Italian, study abroad in italy, italian food, pizza, reasons to learn a new language, jcu student life, jcu on-site classes, vatican
  5. Increase your standing in the job market. Although Italy’s economy took a serious hit during the 2008 recession, the country still retains its status as an economic powerhouse, ranking as the eighth largest economy in the world. The ability to speak both English and Italian allows you to access a host of jobs that work with Italian businesses or clients, such as Italian companies in the US or American companies that do business with Italian firms or have offices in Italy. Plus, Italy is a world leader in design, fashion, manufacturing, robotics, shipbuilding, transportation equipment, and culinary arts, making Italian proficiency instrumental in these industries.
  6. It is an excellent stepping stone for learning other Romance languages. Whether you wish to learn French, Spanish, Portuguese, or other romance languages, your understanding of Italian grammar and grasp of vocabulary and pronunciation will make learning new languages a breeze.

Learning a new language stimulates the brain by increases analytical thinking and problem-solving skills and improving memory. Learn more about studying Italian in Rome!

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