Thanksgiving break: 4 European capitals, 8 must-see sites!

Where are you going this Thanksgiving break? John Cabot students are headed all over the world, but some of the most popular destinations are right here in Europe, just a short flight from Rome. Here are four European capitals JCU students will be visiting over the long weekend, and some of the top fun things to do in each city!

1. Prague

Checking the time…

The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town of Prague is a masterpiece from 1380, created by an exceptionally talented craftsman. At the time, it was feared that word would spread about the stunning work and that he may be commissioned to build another clock for another city. Legend has it that city officials had the artist blinded, essentially ensuring that Prague would be the only to have the beauty. Be sure to stop by and check it out at the change of the hour to see the work in all its g(l)ory!

If nature is your thing…cesky-raj, 4 European capitals, traveling in Europe, jcu student travel, studying abroad

Cesky Raj should be on the top of your list! A worthwhile day trip from Prague, the forest is dotted with volcanic formations that are something of a fairy tale – complete with castles as well! Also referred to as the Bohemian Paradise, this green reserve in the Northern area of the Czech Republic is a wonder for hiking and appreciating natural beauty.

2. Amsterdam

Prepare to be Sherlocked!

The number 1 escape room in Amsterdam provides visitors (in groups of 2+) with the entirely unique experience of being locked in an escape room. Often regarded as a group building or team activity, amsterdam, cesky-raj, 4 European capitals, traveling in Europe, jcu student travel, studying abroad, the Sherlocked experience is sure to provide priceless memories and stories to tell! Keep in mind: when the game gets too tough, there’s always the option to exit the room at any time, so why not give it a shot?

Monkeying around…

Amsterdamse Bos, located in the southern area of the city, hosts a forest-filled oasis of nature and games. Within the park is a lofted section of adventurous games for kids and adults alike. While spending some time in the outdoors, still within the city, you can take part in the elevated ropes course that gives you a chance to show off your balance and primal skill-set while bouncing from treetop to treetop!

3. Paris

Getting the perfect shot!

Certainly la Tour d’Eiffel is on your list: what would a trip to Paris be without a spectacular shot of this iconic site? Try finding a new angle; anyone who has been to Paris can tell you that due to its size, the tower is visible from several angles throughout the city. The view from Montparnasse Tower overlooking the city is absolutely breathtaking. The Tower provides perhaps one of the best angles to capture the city and the Eiffel Tower all in one swift shot!4 European capitals, traveling in Europe, jcu student travel, studying abroad, Montparnasse Tower, paris view at night

Strolling the coolest streets…

The neighborhoods of Belleville and Montmartre should be somewhere on your itinerary. These areas, although strikingly different from one another, without a doubt offer some of the coolest places to shop, eat, and hang out. Belleville is a middle-class working neighborhood that provides visitors a peek into its ethnic shops and restaurants. Montmartre, a classic must-see area of Paris, offers more historic sites to see such as the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre.

4. Copenhagen

Unicorns & NCastle of Rosenborg, denmark, copenhagen, 4 European capitals, traveling in Europe, jcu student travel, studying abroadarwhals

Visiting the Throne of the Kingdom of Denmark is probably the most majestic activity a tourist can take part in. Although it is no longer in official use, it is still technically the symbolic seat of the monarchy. The story is that the throne was made from unicorn horns, although it was really made from narwhal tusks. It is lined with protective silver lions. A trip to the Castle of Rosenborg is definitely worth a visit.

Be a kid again…

Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world! Located within the city limits, easily accessible via public transportation, a visit to the park is definitely a list-topping activity while in Copenhagen. Originally commissioned by the King of Denmark, the park is now the most visited amusement park in Scandinavia and boasts a merry-go-round, several cafes, a Chinese harlequin theatre, and a rollercoaster.


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