Interim Dean of Students Explains JCU’s Medical Services & Protocols for Students Who Study in Rome

As Italy continues to recover from the outbreak of the coronavirus that shook the country in the spring, industries across the nation are back up and running. After its nationally-implemented social distancing policies succeeded at flattening the curve of transmission, Italy is focused on rebuilding its normal way of life. 

Students hoping to study in Italy this fall may be wondering about the feasibility of attending school during a global pandemic. As of now, John Cabot University plans to hold classes in person during Fall 2020. The Italian government has taken significant steps to quell the spread of the virus, and the transition into this phase of reopening is being implemented responsibly and mindfully. Carla Wiegers, John Cabot University’s Interim Dean of Students, is here to explain to prospective and returning students just how studying at JCU will work this fall. Read on to find out about the medical services and protocols that are in place to ensure student safety and health. 

Medical Services Available for JCU Students Who Study in Rome 

Both for COVID-related and non-COVID needs, JCU has a robust system of health services available for students. JCU has consulted with local and international health experts to create a health and safety plan that complies with Italian government guidelines and recommendations. JCU’s on-call doctor is available to respond to and follow up on all pressing health needs, and students also have the option to contact JCU administration with any inquiries regarding navigating Italy’s public and private medical systems. “Students can reach out at any time to inquire about medical assistance,” Carla Wiegers advises. “We have 24/7 staff, including Resident Directors and Assistants living in JCU housing, that can respond to student needs and refer to them to local resources.” JCU has also negotiated a robust health insurance policy with CISI that offers ample coverage for health needs while abroad – learn more.

Physical health needs may be more urgent, but mental health needs addressing as well. “Students have access to JCU’s in-house counselors and psychiatrists and can also contact Mondo Equilibrio to discuss mental health and wellbeing. They’re an external private mental health service that’s available to students,” Carla Wiegers recommends. 

Limiting the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus 

In addition to the medical services available, John Cabot University has put in place several rigorous measures to insure campus safety. “JCU has adapted its campus spaces to account for social distancing and sanitation expectations, as mandated by the Italian government,” Carla Wiegers communicates. These new policies and procedures include mandating mask use inside JCU buildings, installing hand sanitation stations, limiting class sizes, and scheduling multiple cleanings per day of classrooms and office spaces.

One of the other measures designed to keep students safe is the quarantine upon arrival. “As mandated by the Italian government, JCU expects all students to abide by the obligatory quarantine rules. The 14-day quarantine, necessary for any persons entering Italy from outside the E.U., consists of isolating in your place of residence for two weeks upon entry to Italy, monitoring temperature and symptoms daily,” Carla Wiegers explained. Arrivals in Italy must be reported to the Italian public health authorities (ASL), who will check-in with those persons during their quarantine. Those living in JCU housing who need to quarantine will isolate in their apartment upon arrival and undergo daily check-ins with JCU staff. These measures are designed to insure adherence to important health and safety guidelines and provide students support and guidance. 

Addressing Nerves Around Studying in Italy  

Despite the many robust protocols in place and medical services available, students considering coming to Italy may still have some hesitations. Carla Wiegers wants to assure them that JCU and Italy have taken great care to safeguard public safety. “All of Italy has been united in its response to curtail contagion and safeguard public health,” Carla Wiegers affirms. “When in doubt, students can reach out to JCU administration to have a conversation about their specific concerns.” Students should take steps to understand the wide resources available to them at JCU, especially if they have any pre-existing health needs.

JCU’s priority during the pandemic is student health. “Every student has the full support of the Dean of Students and the Health and Wellbeing offices while at JCU,” Carla Wiegers assures students. JCU will work to accommodate illness-related absences from classes and follow-up with students to ensure their security and comfort.  

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