First Game Victory for the Gladiators!

On the evening of January 29, the JCU men’s soccer team opened the Spring 2015 season with a 2-0 win against LUMSA University.

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Despite the frigid weather and only one week of training, the Gladiator’s marched onto the field equipped with fresh players, high spirits, and great determination – ready to take on LUMSA, a team known best for their character of steel.

Fifteen minutes into the second half of the game, the Gladiators found themselves outnumbered 11-10, with Marco Ludovichetti being called off field. This did not stop them, however, from just four minutes later taking the lead thanks to an impressive goal by Stefan Mihailovic.

The better part of the tension-fueled game continued with LUMSA desperately attempting to reach a tie, and the Gladiators giving their all in hopes of scoring three goals. Goalkeeper Alfredo Verrina graciously blocked each of LUMSA’s vigorous attempts of scoring, and secured the Gladiator’s 1-0 advantage until the very end.

The crucial last minute of the game proved suspenseful, but thanks to team captain Sergio Romano’s graceful kick that slipped pass the keeper easily, the Gladiators secured their victory.

Despite the icy climate, more than 20 enthusiastic supporters full of JCU spirit cheered on the Gladiators and celebrated their glorious victory!



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