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One of the great things about John Cabot University is that it gives you the opportunity to join as many clubs as you want, and each of them is different and exciting. One example is the Fashion Club: students who participate in this club are creative, passionate, and full of energy. The purpose of this club is to show the fashion and style that different students from JCU bring from all over the world.

John Cabot’s student body represents over 70 different countries, and each country may have different fashion trends and a different sense of style. The students in this club are talented in photography, hair, makeup, and modeling, and they work together to carry out photo shoots.

jcu clubs, jcu fashion club, john cabot student activities, study abroad in rome, international schools in italyOther than their weekly meetings, they also meet on some weekends and walk around different neighborhoods of Rome together, taking photos of student models with the beauty of Rome as their backdrop.

I’ve attended a couple of the fashion club’s photo shoots and each of them has a different purpose and way of doing it; they are interesting and fun! On Sunday I had the opportunity to attend one and talk with the two students who were organizing it, Bethany Anne Miller and Jan-Michael Putter. They chose a few JCU students as models, and walked around Rome with them to capture their style and the Roman culture.

During the photo shoot I could see the creativity of the models and the photographers as they helped each other get the perfect picture. They played around with the outfits, the different colors, and with the models’ personalities, which is reflected in their photos.

The Fashion Club is now working on founding their own magazine, which will include fashion writing as well. If you are passionate about fashion, modeling, photography, or writing, this club is perfect for you! You can find out more about the fashion club by following them on Facebook (Fashion Club John Cabot University), Instagram (fashionclubjcu) and Snapchat (fashionclubjcu).

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