Celebrating Thanksgiving at JCU

John Cabot University students, alumni, professors, and staff enjoyed a warm and friendly Thanksgiving dinner all together at the University’s Tiber Café on Wednesday, November 29 this year. President Franco Pavoncello opened the evening by giving a welcome speech, thanking everybody involved in the organization of the dinner, and cutting the turkey.

President Franco Pavoncello cuts the turkey, marking the beginning of the dinner

The menu consisted of traditional Thanksgiving food: roasted turkey with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce, green beans, baked potatoes, and buttered corn on the side. Fresh and crispy green salad and soft buns with black olives, rosemary, and olive oil accompanied the meal. As for the dessert, guests enjoyed homemade apple and pumpkin pie while they listened to the delightful performance of the JCU Choir.

The JCU Choir performs every year at the Thanksgiving dinner

Check out what some of the dinner’s attendees had to say!

“I truly enjoyed the night! It was a warm gathering between students, staff, and faculty,” said student Maria Giulia Vitagliano, International Affairs major and Entrepreneurship minor.

Thanksgiving bring students, staff, and faculty together at JCU

“I think Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to get together and share a familiar feeling together. Having it at JCU makes it extra special because so many people from different countries gather in a single room. A majority of these people are far away from home – like myself – so I believe that it is amazing to share a people with those who are like you and enjoy a good time together with delicious food and pleasant music,” commented Azelya Terzi, JCU Alumna, Communications major and Business Administration minor.


The menu included Thanksgiving classics like pumpkin pie

“Being Italian, I never celebrated Thanksgiving before coming to JCU. There are so many things we should be grateful for that many of us fail to appreciate in our everyday life. For me, taking part in the Thanksgiving dinner since my first semester has always been the best way to stop and think about all of the good things and the good people I have in my life. The best way to express my gratitude is by giving back to the place that has come to feel like my home away from home. That is why I decided to volunteer at the 2019 dinner, which turned out to be an even more enriching experience,” added student Sheyrl Ragnetti, Marketing major and Resident Assistant.

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