Building Leadership Skills by Getting Involved in Clubs and Organizations

While it’s true that academic success is the top priority when your university degree is concerned, it’s also important to build a skill set that you can apply in the real world. One of the best ways to do this is through getting involved in clubs and organizations at your university. You’ll be able to learn real, applicable life skills, while building your leadership skills – something that will prepare you for a rewarding career after you graduate. Lucky for you, if you study abroad in Rome at John Cabot University, there is no shortage of great clubs and organizations you can choose from. Here are just a few!


Grassroots is John Cabot University’s environmental club, focused on fostering a progressive attitude towards environmental action and informing students and faculty about world environmental issues.Their activities and actions include hosting clean-up days where students volunteer to clean up parts of the campus and the city, hosting an environmental awareness week filled with great activities and talks, and the regular screening of environmentally conscious films and documentaries. If you’re someone who loves championing the cause of the environment, Grassroots would love to have you aboard!


Founded in September of 2012, the Ipazia club is dedicated to investigating the role of women in history, art, literature and photography. Its purpose is to edify students on the struggles of women throughout history and show them how women overcame their subjugation to buck the status quo and give themselves a voice. The club investigates famous women throughout history, examining their accomplishments and how they relate to the modern era. It’s not just a matter ofidentifying the still prevalent notions of gender inequality in our society, but educating international students in Italy on the many inspiring and incredibly daring things that great women have contributed to culture, politics and the arts.

Universities Fighting World Hunger

Famine is still unfortunately a prevalent problem throughout much of the world, and Universities Fighting World Hunger is a club dedicated to doing all it can to lessen the blow of food shortages across the globe. It is part of the international Universities Fighting World Hunger initiative that was started in 2004 as a collaboration between the United Nations World Food Program and various universities.  The mission of UFWH is to create a learning environment for the JCU community by raising awareness about global hunger and acting against it to help those in need.

So if you’re looking to build your resume by gaining some valuable leadership skills while you study abroad, check out any one of these great clubs or the many others that John Cabot University offers. Not only will you be doing some good, you’ll also be gaining great real-world skills that will help you throughout your life!

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