Best Pools and Beaches to Keep Cool This Summer in Rome

A small town on the shores of beautiful Lake Bracciano, Best Pools and Beaches to Keep Cool This Summer in Rome, jcu student life, what to do in italy over the summer, study abroad in Rome

A small town on the shores of beautiful Lake Bracciano

The city of Rome offers so much to visiting students —great food, beautiful parks, and of course, never-ending opportunities to visit amazing museums and famous historic monuments. Because of Rome’s close proximity to the sea, and its ideal Mediterranean climate, there are also plenty of nearby beaches for students who plan to spend their summer in the city. These beaches, located just outside the city, are an excellent reason to take the train and explore Rome’s beautiful surroundings. Of course, there are also plenty of great locations in which to swim and soak up the sun right inside the city as well.

If you’re looking for a place to keep cool while studying in Rome this summer, here are a few of the most popular spots.

Ostia Beach

Ostia Beach is the closest beach to Rome, and where citizens of the Eternal City flock to when the summer heat hits. Ostia Beach is located near the historic port city of Ostia Antica and both are accessible via public transportation. Ostia Antica’s large, active archaeological site is considered to be one of Rome’s first colonies, and is known for housing several impressive ancient buildings and mosaics. Down the road from Ostia Antica, students will find the town of Ostia, and its seaside beach.

The beach consists of private and public areas, and provides chair and umbrella rentals to guests. The nearby restaurants and cafes make Ostia Beach a great option for a day trip in the especially steamy summer months of July and August. With Ostia Antica nearby, it also serves as a great location to soak up some history!

Lake Bracciano

Only about an hour’s train ride from Rome, Lago di Bracciano (Lake Bracciano) is a favorite getaway destination for Romans, and also one of the major lakes of Italy. Lake Bracciano was actually once a crater—the result of volcanic activity that occurred there nearly 600,000 years ago. Today, the lake is surrounded by a national park, and serves as a great place for summer activities like canoeing, swimming, and sailing.

While students attending university in Italy enjoy some of the country’s best cuisine right in Rome, the shores of Lake Bracciano also host some impressive local restaurants. Students used to taking a summer camping trip won’t have to miss out when studying in Rome, because Lake Bracciano is also home to several campsites—a great way to bond with the friends you’ve made during your study abroad!

Anzio Beach

Framed by beautiful rocky cliffs, Anzio Beach holds special historic significance for Italians. As the landing port for the Allies in WWII, much of the town of Anzio was destroyed during the war and had to be rebuilt. Today, this port is known for its renowned seafood restaurants, and its clear blue water. Only an hour by transit from central Rome, Anzio Beach is the perfect weekend voyage for students who study abroad in Rome during the summer.

Piscina delle Rose

For students who want to cool off without having to leave the city, Rome is home to dozens of swimming pools. One of the best is the Piscina delle Rose, located in the EUR neighborhood. You can take the subway to reach this pool, which was designed for the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. The admission price will get you a full day of swimming, and the area also provides poolside deck chairs so you can catch some sun while studying or reading—just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Do you plan to visit any of these Roman hotspots this summer during your study abroad in Italy?

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