Study at JCU And Become a Local in the Eternal City

When you attend John Cabot University, the dream of living in the Eternal City becomes a reality. Whether you are a history buff, artist, historian, or photographer, Rome is the city for you. We all know that Rome is famous around the world for its museums, culture, history, and architecture, but what really makes the city so special is its atmosphere.

Becoming a Local

John Cabot University: The Eternal City

When you move to Rome to study abroad, you might be overwhelmed at first. There is so much to take in, and something to see on every corner. You might be conflicted about where to start and what to see first. You will likely spend your first few days and weeks living like a tourist — but you will be a local before you know it. Soon you will start to notice that, without even realizing it, you’ve picked up some of the local habits. You will be able to spot the difference between a tourist and yourself. You will be more adapted to the Italian culture and the Roman lifestyle. You will pick up the Italian language and some of the little customs that make this place so fascinating. And most of all, you will fall in love with the incomparable atmosphere that makes Rome “home” for so many.

Rome’s Atmosphere

Once you get to know your way around, you will become accustomed to Rome’s atmosphere. That doesn’t mean that it will get predictable, though. One thing about Rome is that it is most definitely never boring. More specifically, once you visit all of the big “must-see” sights, you will soon realize that your list of places, sights, and neighborhoods to explore just keeps growing. Rome is in a constant state of renovation, so ancient sites that were long closed are regularly being renovated and re-opening to the public. And there are always new restaurants, shops, and businesses popping up to add to the places that have been there for centuries. There are lesser-known gems around town that probably won’t be found in most guidebooks or travel blogs. These are the places that will allow you to dive deeper into the soul of this fascinating city.

John Cabot University: The Eternal City

This is what I loved about studying at John Cabot. You get to experience Rome as a visitor initially, but then you will have the time to truly dig deeper.

Off The Beaten Path

A fun way to start really getting to know the city is by exploring restaurants with your favorite type of cuisine. You can still enjoy authentic Italian food while trying all of the Japanese restaurants in the city! Or make a list of all the Indian restaurants and go to one a month with your friends. You may have to search a bit, but Rome does offer a lot more than just Italian cuisine!

Another great way to go off the beaten path is by exploring some of Rome’s lesser known neighborhoods. Spend a day checking out the street art in the Ostiense area, explore a modern art gallery in Testaccio, or check out the fantastical architecture of Coppedé.

There are just a couple examples of ways you can get off the beaten path and really get to know Rome as a local. Get out there, explore, and make Rome your home.

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