Across Oceans: Global Friends at John Cabot University

The decision to pursue an undergraduate degree abroad was impulsive, to say the least. Growing up outside of Boston, the hub of prestigious colleges and universities, initially meant an inevitable enrollment into one of the many institutions located close by. However, after traveling to Germany on exchange I began to realize over the course of my four weeks abroad that my level of independence and acceptance for different people and ways of life expanded. Soon enough I realized I wanted more of the experiences I enjoyed during my stay in Deutschland, subsequently leading to my enrollment in John Cabot University.deciding weather or not to study abroad, Across Oceans: Global Friends at John Cabot University, jcu student experiences, study abroad in Rome, degree seeking students in Italy

John Cabot University has provided me with the means of becoming a global citizen in the modern world. With over 1200 undergraduate full-time students coming from over 60 different countries, I have been exposed to more cultures and ideas than I can count. Each new day in Rome holds the potential to advance my global network. The constant flow of students, tourists, and locals presents countless opportunities to meet and befriend those around me. I’ve been attending John Cabot for just shy of a year now and I can say that I have close friends from nearly every continent. There’s Gildo from Honduras, Jeremy from Madagascar, Sofya from Russia, Domizia from Italy, Ramzi from Lebanon, and so many more.

With over 15 clubs and organizations, athletics, and a range of opportunities for Community Service, John Cabot offers many instances to become familiar with the student body at school. Nightlife in Rome also allows you to meet many different people staying in the city. John Cabot University may not be an ivy league located in Boston, but the people and experiences that I have found here are incomparable to the life that I would have had back home and for that I am grateful.


Morgan Collins
Communications Major
JCU Class of 2018
Canton, Massachusetts

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