A Student’s Guide to Re-Energizing After Holiday Break

Re-Energizing after holiday break, student guide, study abroad in Rome, italy, john cabot students, The prospect of returning to studies or work after a prolonged vacation can be a tough reality to face, particularly if you’re flying off to an American college in Rome after being home with family for the holidays.  Even later in life, there are few gainfully employed people who don’t have trouble returning to “work mode” right away after a vacation.  At John Cabot U, fortunately, there are plenty of activities and facilities to help ease you back into your studies – and remind you of the many good reasons you chose to study abroad in Italy, right here in the heart of Rome.  Take a look at these tried and tested tips for getting back into the swing of things – and getting the most out of your time abroad.

Get Started Early

There’s nothing more satisfying than working your way through the post-holiday slump and right into a successful semester.  Diving into a course pack or assigned tasks as soon as possible has several benefits. First of all, students gain momentum by getting energized about their school work – and secondly, tackling projects early means you’ll reduce any potential worry that mounting assignments can cause as the semester unfolds.

Re-Instate Good Habits

After returning to school following vacation, some students might be inclined to abandon the trusted study habits they relied on at the beginning of the school year.  However, falling back into your old routine can provide both a sense of comfort and ensure that you truly get the most out of your courses.  If you used to have a weekly homework schedule, continue to follow it, making appropriate adjustments for new classes or activities where necessary.  Although you may be tempted to “wing-it” because you’ve already got a semester or two under your belt, diverging from a reliable study routine can spell trouble for getting your new term started off right.

Join the Gym

Don’t forget that shaking off post-holiday inertia requires jump-starting your mind AND your body.  In fact, studies have shown that students who exercise regularly can achieve as much as a 3.8 bump in IQ tests.  John Cabot’s facilities include all the standard features of a modern gymnasium as well as some activities such as Yoga, Pilates and Zumba to help keep both the mind and body limber.

If you already have an established workout routine, considering taking on an extra challenge by joining one of JCU’s various sports teams.  Playing a team sport is a great way to make friends from all over the world.

Embrace New Experiences

Family and old friends back home will always be a significant part of whatever your future holds.  Meanwhile, at an American university in Rome, the dawn of a brand new and exciting chapter of your life is unfolding.  As Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.”  Make a list of all the inspiring things you’d like to see and do while in Italy, and set about checking them off, one by one. This is sure to help you shake off those post-holiday blues and feel inspired about what awaits you in the months ahead.

What are you looking forward to experiencing this semester?

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