4 Benefits of Doing Community Service While You Study Abroad in Rome

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These days, more and more students are getting involved in local activism and community service. Social consciousness is a defining feature of global citizenship—and when put into action, a very inspiring way for study abroad students to make friends, discover Rome, and get involved with a cause they’re truly passionate about.

John Cabot University has plenty of campus programs where students can start volunteering, including the Italy Reads program, where volunteers travel to local high schools to promote English language learning, literacy, and cultural exchange. JCU is also affiliated with many local volunteer organizations, such as STAND, Grassroots and the year-round Blood Drive. And Rome, of course, hosts hundreds of other volunteer organizations as well. Read on to discover the benefits of volunteering while attending John Cabot University.

1. Volunteering Helps Make You a Stronger Student While at University in Italy

Mid-way through the semester when your assignment to-do list seems to grow by the day, it can be difficult to stay energized, motivated, and on top of your coursework. It may seem counterintuitive, but signing up for volunteering can actually help you organize your time and resources better.

When you’ve committed to a cause, you know that others are counting on you to follow through, which means there’s no room for procrastination! You’re compelled to get up and get moving, and stick to a regular schedule. The added structure—plus the good feelings that come from giving back—can help revitalize your spirit. Community service has actually been proven to increase student motivation, improve school attendance, and encourage students to become more engaged in class.

The Italy Reads program is an a volunteer opportunity open to students

The Italy Reads program is an a volunteer opportunity open to students

2. Volunteering Helps New Students Feel More at Home

Students who study abroad in Rome may feel a bit disoriented when they first arrive. Being introduced to a new culture, city, and group of classmates is definitely exciting, but might require some adjustment during the first few days. Volunteering on campus is an ideal way for newcomers to forge friendships, explore campus resources, and get to know the neighborhood—all while working for a great cause!

3. Volunteering Helps Students Gain Professional Experience

Volunteering within your area of study while at university in Italy can provide valuable insight into real-world work environments and career paths—and it’s also a great way to gain marketable professional skills and network with other people in your field. Employers love to see volunteering on a resume, and community service may even earn you a positive reference for when you hit the job market after graduation or start applying to graduate programs.

Volunteering can help students build friendships and work together for a great cause

Volunteering can help students build friendships and work together for a great cause

4. Volunteering Helps Build Cultural Awareness

Rome is home to a wonderfully diverse population. Community service can be an amazing way to explore a new community while helping its members grow and thrive. Whether you’re volunteering at a community center for children, with a literacy program, or at a center for newly landed immigrants, you’ll make a difference while enriching your own cultural awareness.

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