Parent Post: Owen Landon, father of three JCU Study Abroad Students

We’re parents of three students who, over a five year period, all spent a semester during their junior year at John Cabot University. Without question, their semester at John Cabot is the one that they each will remember the balance of their lives as being the single best semester during their respective college experiences.

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The Landons with son Owen, Study Abroad Fall 2011

It may seem counter-intuitive but in each case it was our students’ initial fear of the unknown that, in hindsight, is the reason they returned home a much more confident and mature young person. Like every other study abroad student (and their parents), their initial fears centered around being in a foreign country, not knowing what to expect and, perhaps most importantly, being too far away from mom and dad to help.

Yet those fears vanished as soon as they realized an Italian city is much like a US city, most Italians speak English (or enough English to be helpful), students from foreign countries are much like themselves, and most key of all, that when they need to they have the ability to figure it all out on their own. Once they developed that confidence, off they went within Italy and the rest of Europe on weekends, break, and an additional couple of weeks once the semester concluded.

As parents, we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, especially when considering that all their credits transferred, the cost was reasonable, and the quality of their classes at John Cabot was outstanding. If your child is considering John Cabot for a semester abroad, we enthusiastically endorse it!

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