How Your Worldview Expands When You Study Abroad

The benefits of studying abroad on your academic and professional life are well known and appreciated. Potential employers know that young professionals who studied abroad are naturally inclined towards curiosity, dedication, and risk-taking. These character aspects are widely sought after throughout many different sectors of employment. For this reason, studying abroad is a great way to boost your resume and set you off on a rewarding career path. 

Studying abroad also has many benefits for your personal, intellectual, and emotional life. Immersing yourself in another culture can help to vastly expand your worldview, granting you wisdom, confidence, and maturity. Read on to find out three ways studying in Italy can widen your perspective and improve your life. 

Become Immersed in Another Culture and Language 

Psychologists and educators have long spoken of the profoundly beneficial effects that cultural immersion can have on our lives. In an increasingly globalized world, becoming immersed in an international community can increase your cultural intelligence in ways that will be productive for both your personal and professional life. 

In fact, it was this aspect of a JCU education that particularly appealed to JCU student Camila Mosier. “JCU has an international faculty with professors from all around the world,” she says, adding that, “I think a lot of people often take for granted how much this aspect impacts education. It’s a completely different experience than having classes with people who share the same perspective and environment… Here you are constantly challenged to think outside the box.”

There are profound benefits to total immersion in another culture

In today’s world, with multicultural communities the norm rather than the difference, many young people will feel that they’re educated in matters of diversity and difference. But the education you receive when you’re surrounded by a different culture, language, and perspective is fundamentally different. These experiences can make a person more appreciative of the uniqueness of other cultures, help them become increasingly open to difference, and become better at communicating across cultural and national differences. 

Study in Rome and Find a New Sense of Freedom 

On a fundamental level, choosing to study abroad forces you to get out of your comfort zone. This can be frightening at first, but it is ultimately liberating. When rid of the usual points of your day-to-day routine, you learn to embrace the unknown. Learning to lean into and push through awkwardness and confusion rather than hide from it will greatly expand your mind and character, pushing you to new heights of personal freedom. 

Studying abroad will grant you a greater sense of personal freedom

Becoming suddenly submerged in a foreign place necessitates quick and clever adaptation. These skills of speedy re-calibration to different contexts and perspectives will enable you to be successful in any environment, and will gift you greater self-confidence, maturity, and wisdom. As a person studying abroad, you aren’t completely adrift, though. Your professors, teaching assistants, and school administration are all present to guide you through these world-expanding experiences. 

Expand Your Mind with Your Studies 

Immersion in another city, compounded with a robust and quality education, come together to expand a person’s worldview in exponential ways. While you study in Rome, you can enroll in courses across a variety of subjects, from business to social science and the arts. In doing so, your education will widen and diversify your perspective and knowledge. 

The benefits of studying at a quality educational institution while being surrounded by a new culture are multiple. You’ll have the potential to study business while witnessing the uniqueness of Italian commerce, or study art history while looking at ancient and acclaimed monuments and paintings in on-site classes. These experiences will help expand your worldview in unprecedented ways. 

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