Where to Find Russian and Ukrainian Food in Rome

One of the best things about living to Rome is the Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, different kinds of pastry – I can never resist the temptation to try some. But sometimes you might feel homesick, finding yourself dreaming about food your mother used to make for you. It has happened to me as well! This is a list of places that I go to when I crave traditional food from Russia.

Pub Russo Fortuna

This small garden located in the center of Rome is the perfect place if you wish to try Russian or Georgian food. Russo Fortuna offers a variety of dishes, including hachapuri, hincali, shashlik, and chadi, all traditional Georgian specialties made mostly from meat. The owners of this place are Georgians, so you do not need even need to know Italian to understand the menu or to order a dish!
Find it on Piazza Alessandra, 1, Rome, Italy.


Possibly the most popular Russian restaurant in Rome, this place makes me completely forget that I live in the heart of Italy as I time-travel to the Soviet Union era. The menu offers a wide choice of traditional Russian dishes that include olivie, shuba, holodec, blini, and golubci. These are traditional Russian dishes that are served during the New Year celebration. Olivie is also known in European countries as “Insalata Russa,” even though it was invented in France. Russian blini are the equivalent of French crepes, usually served with caviar or sweet jams. Also, great news for everyone craving Russian sweets: the restaurant offers authentic chocolate, candy, and other sweets, all exported from the Commonwealth of Independent States!
Find it on Via della Collina Volpi, 6, Rome, Italy.

Russian Tea Rome

If you are tired of cappuccini and espressi, you might want to visit this place and enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea. An authentic Russian café that offers a good choice of herbal, fruit, black, and green teas, this place also sells homemade pancakes to be flavored with different jams that taste as good as the ones my mom makes.
Find it on Via dei Falegnami, 7/9, Rome, Italy.


Kozak is the first shop in Rome completely dedicated to typical Eastern European products, representing countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. It is the perfect place for all those that want to rediscover the flavors of their land as well as for curious people that want to taste traditional food from these foreign countries.
Find it on Via dei Conciatori, 1c, Rome, Italy.


This shop, located at a 15-minute walk from the Guarini Campus, is pretty popular among people from Eastern Europe. In Galychyna you can find different food products from Ukraine, including pickled cucumbers, jams, soft drinks, and other snacks. They also sell fresh produce like dairy and meat. Do not hesitate to ask the owner about translation for some ingredients written in Cyrillic.
Find it on Via Santa Maria delle Fornaci, 6, Rome, Italy.

Even while studying abroad in John Cabot University, you are still able to enjoy traditional food from your country!

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Anastasiia Komarova
Communications Major
Class of 2018
Hometown: Moscow, Russia

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