TEDxJohnCabotUniversity 2020 Featuring JCU Students, Faculty, and Staff

Pictured: Giacomo Di Capua – President of JCU Grassroots, Climate Activist

TEDxJohnCabotUniversity took place on October 18, exclusively on Zoom with over 100 viewers. Featuring several John Cabot University students, faculty, and staff members in the talks, this independently organized event, licensed by TED, was part of the global launch of the TED Countdown Initiative. Aiming to empower local communities to take action on Climate Change, the Countdown initiative seeks to “champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.” Watch the TEDxJohnCabotUniversity Countdown TEDx talks here.

Speakers at TEDxJohnCabotUniversity included:

  • Jose B. Alvarez – Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Operations
  • Francesco Lapenta – Founding Director of the JCU Institute for Future and Innovation Studies
  • Silvia Carnini Pulino – Associate Professor, Director of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Luca Azzariti Crousillat – President of the JCU Student Government
  • Kennedy Lightbourne – Mentor at Italy Starts, Co-creator of the award-winning project “Garbage-ly”
  • Camila Mosier-Giovine – Host, President of the JCU Debate Club
  • Giacomo Di Capua – President of JCU Grassroots, Climate Activist
  • Jade Burr – Italy Starts and Italy Reads Mentor

TEDxJohnCabotUniversity’s Countdown 2020 event focused on contextualizing the position of academic institutions in the pressing issue of promoting climate action through change-makers, educators, and entrepreneurs.

“Preserving the beauty and rich diversity of our miraculously welcoming blue planet is a fundamental challenge for all of us, and especially for the younger generations elimination of pollution and toxic materials from our lives must be considered a primary task. Equally important is making sure that climate change does not put our planet and our future at risk. This is an undertaking of paramount importance, which requires our active participation, combined with intelligent, objective analyses of the options in front of us. Events like this one, which raise the awareness of students and the general public to the need to ensure a clean and green planet for future generations are of the utmost importance, and I want to thank the organizers for making this possible.” – Franco Pavoncello, President of John Cabot University

As the green wave of climate activism continues to inspire youth globally to protest for a sustainable future, it is paramount to analyze the intertwining roles of education, activism, and business in shaping humanity’s race against time vis-à-vis climate change. Speakers from John Cabot University’s TEDx event presented the multifaceted framework of universities as key galvanizers of climate action.

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TEDxJohnCabotUniversity sponsors included the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, and Italy Reads.

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