Summer Engineering and Mathematics Courses in Rome for STEM Majors

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A summer spent studying abroad in Italy and gaining international experience can benefit students in any subject. Whether you’re an aspiring researcher or engineer, John Cabot University and the city of Rome will have something to spark your ambition.

JCU offers two five-week summer sessions every year with course offerings specifically tailored for students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. These run from May to August and include courses in algebra, thermodynamics, and electrical engineering among other topics.

Read on to discover how studying engineering and mathematics in Rome could be the international experience you need.

Be Inspired by Roman Engineering

Rome is a playground and living museum of inspiration for budding engineers who study abroad in Italy. The Ancient Romans were early masters in engineering, and examples of their genius are still standing in the city today.

The Ancient Romans created huge aqueducts that would bring water from far-away springs and mountains into the city center. Water would flow down an advanced network of tunnels and pipelines, pushed only by gravity, to supply the city’s fountains, public baths, and to power mills and other machines. Many of these aqueducts can still be admired today.

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Budding engineers can take inspiration from the many Ancient Roman aqueducts and bridges

Similarly, Ancient Romans were among the first to build arched bridges. These were so expertly constructed that the original structures are still standing. As well as this, aspiring engineers can check out evidence of some of the earliest tunnels and road networks in history. There is arguably no better backdrop for studying engineering!

Gain International Experience and Travel Without Delaying Graduation

Summer sessions at JCU are an affordable, short-term abroad solution for students around the world – including STEM majors – looking to graduate on time and set themselves apart in the job market. The two summer sessions run from May 20 to June 26 and July 2 to August 7, so you don’t need to worry about missing any courses at home.

The syllabi for JCU’s engineering courses have been developed in collaboration with major engineering programs in the US that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The curriculum focuses on standard first and second-year engineering and mathematics courses taught by visiting summer engineering and mathematics faculty from major universities.This means that the academic credits you earn at JCU will easily transfer back to your home university!

Classes run from Monday to Thursday, and students are encouraged to explore Rome, Italy, and the rest of Europe on long weekends. There are also a number of university-organized trips and activities for students to enjoy.

Choose From 130 Courses Taught in English

Every summer, there are more than 130 courses across a wide range of subjects for students to choose from. Students in engineering and mathematics can choose between courses such as algebra, calculus, statistics, or mechanics, thermodynamics, and electrical engineering—to name just a few. They can also try out different electives, such as Street Photography, Italian Food Culture, and Ancient Rome and Its Monuments (which includes on-site visits to different locations in Rome).

For students who want to earn credits towards their degree, while exploring different interests or even learning a little Italian, there are many different options to choose from!

Scholarships and Financial Aid Options Are Available

There are a number of scholarships available to support students in STEM subjects who want to study in Italy during the summer months. Engineering students, for example, can qualify for a $500-per-session scholarship. There are also several external scholarships available for students to apply to as well.

Students may also be able to transfer existing financial aid from their home institution to JCU. With so many exciting benefits available, there’s a lot for students to look forward to this summer!

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