Student Spotlight: Sofia Alvarez, Class of 2020

My name is Sofia Alvarez Arango. I am from Cali, Colombia, and I am a senior at John Cabot University. I major in International Affairs with a minor in Business Administration. Since the first day I arrived a JCU in 2017, I have felt a part of an international community of happy, inspiring people that have made this experience truly unforgettable.

All of my classes here have been very interesting and encouraging. The ones I have enjoyed the most have been Comparative Politics, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Introduction to Entrepreneurship. I took comparative politics during my first semester with Professor Michael Driessen and have also taken several other classes with him since. It was very interesting to learn about the development of international affairs and how this determines the relationships between countries. Professor Driessen is an expert in the field and has a strong interest in religion and politics. Because of this, we would sometimes focus on that aspect in class, and for me, it made the subject more engaging to learn from a person that has done so many projects on the topic.

Moreover, Principles of Macroeconomics was a class that changed the way I see the world. Professor Simona Costagli is one of the most passionate professors I ever met, and even though my major is not in economics, she devoted her time to making this class as fascinating as possible – and she succeeded! One of the topics I liked the most was analyzing how countries trade as well as the consequences trade can have for the countries involved. I am very happy that the B.A. in International Affairs at JCU is so complete and allowed me to also learn about economics.

I have also been working with Professor Silvia Pulino, who is also the Director of JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship. Her expertise has helped me to develop a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to start my own business. We are currently working on developing a business plan for my start-up of our own. It is very challenging to come up with a well-structured idea, but we are enjoying the process. She is also advising me as I am completing the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, which I consider a very innovative and interesting opportunity the Institute for Entrepreneurship offers to both degree-seeking and visiting students.

All of these classes have helped me grow both as a student and a person, and having such a great faculty has made my JCU experience very enriching.

Sofia Alvarez
International Affairs major
Class of 2020
Hometown: Cali, Colombia

Student Spotlight