Student Spotlight: Monica Ioana Lungeanu, Class of 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Monica Ioana Lungeanu and I am an international degree-seeking student from Romania pursuing a Communications major and Marketing minor. I love studying those two fields and it’s even given me the chance to discover complementary fields of study, such as sociology and psychology, for a better grasp of the concepts and theories.

I am currently in my junior year and will graduate in Spring 2018. My plans for the future include a Master’s degree, possibly in Brand Visual Design (which would be a great combination of my theoretical and practical skills). But since there is one year left until my graduation, and I am known for suddenly changing my mind, who knows what the future holds for me!

Speaking about the present is easier; there are less variables to be taken into consideration. I am involved in a lot of activities with John Cabot University. The university provides its students with a wide variety of options to participate, collaborate, and get together with fellow students. I decided right from the start that I should take advantage and be an active part of its highly international environment. I am a Gladiator, playing on the co-ed basketball team); I lead a student club dedicated to public speaking, Speak Up; and I work for the Marketing Office. During my previous semesters, I also worked for Special Events, the Athletics office and as a Peer Mentor for the Office of Health and Wellbeing. Furthermore, I have been an Orientation Leader since my second semester at John Cabot, helping new students get settled in and learn about Rome and our wonderful university!

For a semester during my sophomore year, I studied abroad at Webster University, in Leiden, Holland, an experience which made me appreciate even more the privilege of being able to study in liberal arts universities, where thinking outside of the box is encouraged. As a media student who has also recently found a new passion for philosophy, I like to say that those types of courses make you step outside of society’s tight and elaborate structure.

Lastly, I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that at JCU you can take independent courses, which allow you to concentrate on one area of interest not covered by one of the regular courses, but which might be one of the faculty’s specialties. For example, this semester I am doing a course with Professor Lorenza Parisi in media research. Our goal is to get the final research paper published in a small scholarly journal. Sounds ambitious? It is: and that’s because I am persistent and determined in everything I do!

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Monica Ioana Lungeanu
Class of 2018
Communications Major, Marketing Minor
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania

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