Student Spotlight: Demetrio Iannone, Class of 2020

I owe a lot to John Cabot University.

First of all, it gave me the opportunity to study the subjects I am interested in with fantastic professors. In fact, when I came to Rome from an international high school in the Netherlands, I was able to appreciate the fact that John Cabot University gives its students the opportunity to combine two different majors, such as International Affairs and History. By doing so, John Cabot has helped make my dream a reality of unifying these fields that I am really passionate about.

In addition, John Cabot also gave me the opportunity to follow another dream: the one of traveling. In fact, I’m writing this post from New York City through a direct exchange program with the New School for Social Research.

With a generous scholarship and the continuous support given to me by my professors at John Cabot University, this dream has become a reality. Taking into consideration that, in the future, I want to apply to graduate school in the United States, my experience in New York City has convinced me that it is precisely here that I wish to follow my rigorous and exciting academic path. Without John Cabot University, all this would have remained simply a dream.

To all the Italian students thinking of applying to JCU: do not be intimidated by the prospect of moving from the Italian system to the American method of study. You will get a lot of support at JCU – and, anyway, all challenges lead to extraordinary results. John Cabot University is ready to ensure that extraordinary results can happen.

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Demetrio Iannone
Class of 2020
Double major in International Affairs and History
City: Crotone

Student Spotlight