Student Spotlight – Axel Keicher: Student and Journalist

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Hello everyone! My name is Axel and I study Communications at John Cabot University. There are many reasons why studying at JCU is a great choice for your future: you get a multi-disciplinary, hands-on education, you perfect your English and experience a multicultural community, all the while living in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. However, there are also other perks that come from being a JCU student. For instance, you get the possibility of working part-time in one of the many offices our University has.

As we all know, studying is expensive. However, if you choose to work an on-campus job  especially if coupled with one of the many scholarships JCU offers, you’ll relieve the financial impact your education has on your bank account. Moreover, you acquire valuable work experience and boost your resume. What does working at JCU look like?

I started working in January for the Web Communications Office as well as for the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation, for a total of 15-20 hours a week. Different offices will obviously give its student assistants different tasks. For Web Communications, for instance, I get to attend and cover events, which allows me to practice my journalism skills (being a journalist was always a dream of mine) while being paid! Not to mention that it’s always nice to see an article with your byline appear on the main page of JCU’s website. Try exploring the different offices that JCU has, and the positions they offer: you will not regret it.

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