Student Spotlight: Ailsa Bailey, Class of 2023

Ever since I was first introduced to Classics, undertaking the incredibly enriching study of our ancient counterparts and the magnificent history of Rome, I always wanted to make my road lead to Rome. It was a dream, somewhere that I imagined could potentially feel like my new home after entering into adulthood, only I didn’t quite know how to make that dream my reality.

My name is Bailey and I am from England. I am soon to be a student at John Cabot University to major in Classical Studies. I became fascinated with Roman archaeology after being immersed in the study of the ancient world during my late school years, embarking on trips abroad to Rome and its neighboring ancient sites like Pompeii. I was even fortunate enough to join an Italian excavation team, working on a mosaic floor and unearthing Roman coins. Italy, to me, became a country that preserved an immense volume of fascinating history and archaeology, scattered throughout the beautiful landscapes and culturally rich cities. However, visiting the country and these magnificent sites felt painfully temporary, simultaneously a brief glance into the past and into a future I dreamed about but never imagined would be plausible. I wanted to make Rome my present. I wanted to make Rome my home.

I discovered John Cabot University through online research. I was desperately searching for courses abroad that would be more fulfilling and character building. I was looking for something in Italy specifically, as Roman archaeology has always captivated me the most. Even after submitting my application, I never believed I would be able to embark on this journey.

Fortunately, I was incredibly wrong. I was flooded with positive reviews about the university. This filled me with further encouragement and excitement to attend, and eventually I received my acceptance letter. Regardless, I still faced obstacles that affected my ability to attend, one of which being that the British system does not financially support students who are studying the entirety of their degree abroad. This made me feel caged and pressured to stay in my home country. I applied to some British universities, but I never quite felt like it was the right decision. Each institution failed to flood me with the levels of inspiration and creativity that JCU constantly gave me.

John Cabot University’s generosity set me free. Receiving the Global Explorer Scholarship has opened up a door I thought would remain locked forever. It has supported me and enabled me to embark on my journey to Rome where I will be connected to the ancient world and at the center of the eternal city, the roots of the Roman world. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were the foundations of my journey to such a historically significant city and to such a unique University. I am thrilled and eternally grateful for the incredible opportunities John Cabot will allow me to explore.

I also look forward to seeing what the liberal arts system has to offer me. My interests are quite varied. Creative writing, literature, photography, film, and art have always captivated me, and I know I will be able to take courses in these subjects at JCU. That said, I am excited to explore new fields of interest, considering the great variety of subjects that John Cabot provides. I am also thrilled to enter into such a diverse community where I will be able to learn the Italian language as well as understand more about a variety of cultures.

Having the eternal city as my campus will be an incredible opportunity. I would regret it for the rest of my life if I did not seize it with enthusiasm, pushing past the borders of my own country in order to embark on a life changing experience. Studying abroad in Rome is something that will make me more unique and adventurous. Although I am stepping outside of my comfort zone, I know I am stepping into an incredibly supportive community that will become my second family. The experiences I will have in Rome will be like no other. John Cabot University genuinely inspires me and instils in me a passion for adventure and a greater thirst for knowledge that will enhance my personality and creative output.

Many people dream of moving abroad. Thanks to the Global Explorer Scholarship, I am able to pursue that dream. As Heraclitus once said, “Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.”

Ailsa Bailey
Class of 2023
Major in Classical Studies
Hometown: Stockton-on-Tees, England

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