Student Clubs Fair

John cabot student clubs, university students, study abroad in Rome, American university in Italy, With the Fall semester back in full swing, the John Cabot University campus is buzzing with life. Students are busy figuring out their new class schedules, settling into their residences and apartments, and getting to know each other. One of the best ways that members of the JCU student body are getting to know each other is by attending the many events hosted on campus. Last week, Student Clubs and Organizations hosted a fair in the Guarini Lemon Tree Courtyard, and it was a big success!

Tables and sign-up sheets were set up for the many student-led clubs and organizations on campus. The fair was a fun and informative way for these clubs to advertise what they stand for, and to give both new and returning students the opportunity to learn more about what John Cabot University has to offer. Many students felt inspired to discover different ways to use their skills and interests, and to grow personally, as well as to benefit their diverse community and international student body.

Each club starts with a single idea from a single student, and develops into an interesting and enriching way for students to voice their opinions and build character. Every year, more and more clubs pop up as JCU’s student body expands, and this year the Student Clubs Fair hosted the Chess Club, Literature Club, Interfaith Initiative Club, Fashion Club, Think!-The Philosophers’ Club, the Asian Culture Club, the JCU Band, and many more.

If you missed the fair, don’t worry: you can still sign up for a club today! For more information, contact [email protected]

If you have an interest that is not yet represented, and you feel inspired to share it with others, you can start your own club next semester! Start brainstorming and researching now, and prepare a brief proposal to pitch your idea to the Director of Student Services. Official registration allows your club to benefit from funding from the Student Services Office and specifies the rights, duties, privileges, and responsibilities of each student organization. See JCU’s website for a full list of guidelines for club registration and recognition.

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