Student Ambassador: Rajesh Cecchini, Class of 2020

My name is Rajesh Francesco Cecchini, and I am a Political Science major and Communications and Business Administration minor. I always dreamed of studying in a multicultural environment. Not only has John Cabot University helped make that dream a reality, but in my years at JCU, I have learned the importance of being a leader through my classes, sports, and clubs in particular.

Joining a club is much more than being part of a team. It is an opportunity to find new passions and hobbies. As soon as I entered John Cabot University as a degree-seeking student in spring 2016, I joined several clubs and got myself involved in student life. After one semester, I became part of the Multicultural Club. Today, I am officially the club’s incumbent President. Thus far, I am extremely grateful for the experience that being in the club and serving on its board has had to offer me. It has taught me leadership, organizational and event planning skills, and so much more.

The aim of the Multicultural Club is to embrace diversity and provide a voice for all of the cultures represented at JCU. In addition, the club promotes a safe environment for dialogue among the student body regarding themes such as politics, culture, historical facts, music, and art during its monthly meetings.

At the end of every fall semester, we organize the VIP (Very International Persons) Event. It brings the whole JCU community together for music, food from all over the world, dancing classes, comedy skits, dialogue regarding a particular subject (for example, hip hop music), and a cake to celebrate the end of the semester. In the last years, the attendance at the event has grown significantly.

I would encourage you to take part in clubs and student life at JCU. It will help you develop personal and professional skills that you can use in other aspects of your university life and future career. My being a part of the Multicultural Club helped me to become a JCU Student Ambassador, and now I get to talk to future JCU students about our student life here, housing, career services, and much more. What will joining clubs help you to do?

Rajesh Francesco Cecchini
Political Science Major
JCU Class of 2020
Hometown: Rome, Italy

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