Student Ambassador: Rajesh Cecchini, Class of 2020

My name is Rajesh Francesco Cecchini, and I major in Political Science and minor in Communications and Business Administration here at John Cabot University. This is what a day in the life of JCU student looks like – well, at least for me!

As the sun is slowly rising, the life of a not-so-typical political science student begins their day at 5 AM. Usually, I begin my school day with a nice cup of coffee and open about eight internet tabs on my computer so I can stay updated with global news. After suiting up for the day, it is time for me to head to the Guarini Campus. Before arriving, I stop by JCU’s Tiber Café for my regular breakfast: a cappuccino and chocolate cornetto, or croissant. My morning routine is not complete without stopping by the Frohring Library to read the newspaper so I am extra prepared to participate in discussions about current affairs. Since JCU is such a multicultural community, we are given the unique opportunity to discuss foreign news with scholars and professors from all over the world.  

My first class of the day, International Organizations with Professor Silvia Scarpa, is at 10 AM in the Caroline Critelli Campus. Professor Scarpa specializes in Human Trafficking and International Law, and her class examines international cooperation in various institutional forms. Professor Scarpa is an expert in getting students involved in classroom discussions about case studies, which helps us to understand the structure of international organizations and the role they play within the international political arena. After class, I head to the Tiber Café for lunch where I usually sit with people who study different majors. In this way, I use my lunchtime to immerse myself with individuals who will give me different points of view. Discussing with others, especially members of the JCU community, truly enriches my knowledge.

Rajesh (right) and his friend Giovanni sitting in our Guarini Campus

My afternoon usually consists of another cup of coffee and a protein bar. At 3 PM, I have class with Professor Federigo Argentieri, who is the Director of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs. It is very important to arrive on time for Professor Argentieri’s classes because each minute not in class is a minute of wisdom lost. In class, he lectures on topics such as the history of the Balkans, Hungarian Revolutions, the European Union, and more. These topics are broken down in a structure that helps us understand why certain events have happened and how the creation of international organizations such as the United Nations is crucial to today’s globalized world.

Finally, I head back to the library and thoroughly review the topics that were discussed during my day at school. As my day comes to an end, I usually head to the Aula Magna Regina, our main auditorium, for whatever event is being hosted that night. Events at JCU usually last about two hours, and the speakers vary from professors and alumni to ambassadors and researchers.

When my JCU school day is over, after waving goodbye to the guards at the Guarini Campus, it is time to go home. Once I arrive back at my apartment, I eat dinner and review my notes from my classes. Finally, I reset my alarm for the next day and go to sleep dreaming of all the new political science knowledge inside my head.


Rajesh Cecchini

Class of 2020

Political Science Major, Communications/ Business Administration Minor

Hometown: Rome, Italy

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