Why Start Planning Your Spring 2021 Semester Abroad in Rome Now

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No matter when you’ll be going to Rome to study abroad, the wait will be worth it. If a semester abroad in Italy is in your plans at some point during your university degree, you can get started on planning early. If your semester abroad is happening in spring 2021, you can even start to formulate your plans for it now. You could research which classes you most want to take, or which clubs and extracurriculars you want to sign up for. 

Here are some reasons why you may want to start planning ahead for the spring of 2021.

You Can Spend More Time Learning the Local Language

Although an American-style institution like John Cabot University has English as its primary language of instruction, you will still be studying in a non-English speaking country. Therefore, if you want to prepare for your study abroad experience by learning a bit of Italian, that extra planning could be helpful. You could try downloading apps, listening to podcasts, or even taking an Italian class. If you want to familiarize yourself with Italian culture and customs prior to your departure, you could do your research ahead of time, so you know what to expect.

Of course, knowing some Italian isn’t a prerequisite for studying in Italy. One of the benefits of studying abroad is that you can learn some of the local language while you study there. Being immersed in an Italian-speaking environment can help you learn a few words and phrases!

You Can Save More Money Before You Depart for Italy

Going abroad to study in Rome is an exciting adventure to embark on, and planning ahead for the 2021 spring semester can help. Doing this will buy you extra time to save up money for not only your everyday expenses in Italy, but also for when you want to travel to other Italian cities or European countries during the weekends. 

Moreover, it gives you more time to decide which parts of Rome and Italy you particularly want to visit, as well as which other areas in Europe you’ll want to go to. Spring is an excellent time to be in Europe, so planning how you’ll make the most of it is a fun thing to do before you leave. You’ll also save yourself more money to spend on your plane ticket to Italy!

Planning ahead allows you to save money to travel within Europe and Italy

You Can Prepare Yourself Better Mentally for When You Study in Rome

There are a number of other things you have to do to prepare yourself to study in Italy, such as deciding in advance which classes you want to take, and taking the time to plan and make sure to pack everything you need. You can also mentally prepare for leaving home to study and live in a new country, so that you understand what to expect. Although you are leaving for another country where you’ll be embarking on a new phase in your academic life, planning ahead can make the transition process much easier.

You can also be more mentally prepared for studying abroad with extra time before leaving

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