4 Things To Do on Spring Break in Rome

Spring Break JCU RomeTaking the opportunity to travel on spring break is a great use of your time off school. But it can also be wonderful to stay in Rome during the break. Enjoy the peace and quiet in Trastevere and around campus as most students will be away. By choosing to stay in Rome, you will not have to worry about some of the hassles that come with traveling. Packing, planning, getting to and from airports, and finding your way around a new country can be a little tiring. So why not stay “home” during the break and enjoy all of the many sights and activities that the Eternal City has to offer?

Here are 4 things to do in Rome while on Spring Break

1. Visit the Botanical Garden

The Orto Botanico is a beautiful botanical garden located just minutes from John Cabot University’s Gianicolo Residence and Guarini Campus. Spend a quiet morning or afternoon strolling through one of the most serene spots in the entire city. You can check out 3,000 species of different plants, or enjoy a meditative moment in the Japanese Garden.

2. Enjoy a Nice Brunch

One of the best parts about staying in Rome for spring break is taking advantage of all the free time you have. You get out of your normal weekly routine of classes, studying, and hanging out with friends. Instead you have more time to explore the city, and maybe check out some places that have been on your list for a while. Sleep in and head out to a cute place for an afternoon brunch. MoMo Republic in Monteverde offers a brunch buffet every Sunday from 1 pm to 3:30 pm. Sit outdoors at the luxurious villa restaurant and soak up the spring sun while enjoying delicious Italian food.

3. Buy a New Book

Head to one of the many quaint English-language bookstores around Rome and pick up a new book to read throughout the week. Take advantage of your time off class, and enjoy a good book instead of focusing on school work. Go sit at your favorite coffee shop, or in your favorite piazza, and just soak in the Roman atmosphere while you read.

4. Take a Walk in the Park

Spring Break JCU RomeWith the weather getting warmer, spending your day in the park is a perfect springtime activity. Climb up to Gianicolo Hill and stroll through the trees for a great view of the city. Rent a bike and ride through the Villa Borghese park. Go for a jog in the vast Villa Pamphili park. Enjoy a picnic in Parco degli Acquedotti underneath the arches of the ancient Roman acqueducts. Try to hit all of your favorite parks throughout the week and find the best spots in each!

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