Navigating Campus: Rome and the 5 Senses

John Cabot University’s campuses are located in the historic center of Rome. This is an environment that’s invigorating to a student’s every sense: the warm sun of the Mediterranean climate, the beauty of the sparkling Tiber river, and the deliciousness of Italian cuisine. 

Studying at JCU isn’t just revitalizing for a student’s mind. The experience will make a lasting impact on any student who passes through these beautiful campuses. Here are some of the ways that studying at JCU makes a positive impression on the five senses. 

See the Beauty of John Cabot University’s Campuses

The university consists of three campuses, all within a short distance from each other. They are known as the Guarini, Tiber, and Caroline Critelli campuses. The Tiber campus is located right on the banks of Rome’s famous Tiber river. The Tiber is one of the longest rivers in Italy and has served as a landmark that distinguishes Rome since the early days of the Ancient Roman Empire. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this river first-hand during your studies. 

Experience the beauty of the Tiber river by JCU’s campuses

The Tiber and the campuses of JCU are surrounded by many distinctive landmarks of ancient and medieval architecture, which you’ll get the chance to study and explore while at this Rome university. With these wondrous historical buildings surrounding the campuses, as well as the dozens of picturesque bridges traversing the Tiber, your environment will be elevated to the level of an incredibly scenic landscape.  

Hear the Richness of a Happy and Diverse Student Body 

Walking through the campuses of JCU, you’ll encounter the sounds of the wind blowing through the ancient and modern buildings, the birds chirping and gliding through the sky, and the resonating consonants of different languages from an extremely diverse student body. 

The student body of JCU doesn’t consist entirely of Italians and Americans but is a medley of representatives from more than 80 different countries from around the world. Between your classes you’ll hear the happy, busy sounds of students conversing in foreign tongues, flipping through their course work, and rushing between buildings. 

Feel the Wonderful Rome Climate 

As you’re enjoying your opportunity to study abroad, you’ll be feeling the cool Mediterranean breeze on your face, and the warm Italian sun tanning your shoulders. Rome is blessed by mostly stable, pleasant temperatures all throughout the year, even in winter. In the coldest months, temperatures can still go up to highs of 54 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Rome is most pleasant in the fall and springtime, but winters are cool rather than frigid, and summers are hot rather than scalding. Summer temperatures average around a wonderful 77 degrees Fahrenheight. With the Tiber river and the sea both nearby to keep you cool, your studies will have the feeling of a rejuvenating retreat. 

Taste and Smell the Delicious Italian Cuisine

Italy is renowned across the world for its cuisine, both in terms of the quality of its dishes, as well as the positive health impacts of a Mediterranean diet. While at JCU, you’ll get to taste and smell the delicious flavors and aromas of Rome’s local cuisine. On campus, the Tiber Café offers a versatile and flavorful meal plan to all students, that’s adjustable based on allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Taste the delicious cuisine in JCU’s Tiber Café

The Tiber Café serves a variety of options that all rotate on a semesterly basis, but it always has home-style cuisines, vegetarian options, and regional as well as international recipes. At the coffee counter, you can always drop in for an Italian cappuccino or a delectable fresh-baked croissant, or just enjoy the smells wafting off them. 

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