Meet JCU’s Class of 2018!

John Cabot University is known for having a wonderfully diverse student body. Its international community is made up of students who are passionate, intelligent, and excel in whatever they pursue. JCU’s Class of 2018 is no different. This year’s graduating class proudly represented the university: it was a class of athletes and team captains, world travelers, cultural club members, polyglots, and more!

Valeria Di Muzio is one example of the exceptional students representing this year’s graduating class. She received her degree in Marketing with a minor in Communications, and had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea. Valeria was not only the founder of the Chinese Cultural Club, but she also co-founded the Fandom Club.

Communications major Filippo Nicoletti also got the chance to study abroad in Seoul. Filippo and many other Italian students were grateful to JCU for the opportunity to improve their English language skills and to follow an American educational system while still living in their home country. Attending JCU is a great way for Italian students to join an international community of global citizens and adapt to a new environment – plus, the American system brings different opportunities and ways of studying than the Italian universities.

Laura Di Girolamo feels like a completely changed person thanks to JCU. Laura is from Chile and Italy but, like many of her fellow graduates, grew up all over the world. She found out about JCU at a college fair in Belgium. John Cabot University gave her confidence, leadership experience, and helped her discover exactly what she wants to do and what career path to embark on. She has a very interesting and unique opportunity right after graduation. To find out more and learn about her upcoming prospects and internships, check out the video below!

Graduates Federica Bocco from Naples, Italy, and Omar Abdel Latif from Italy and Jordan both emphasized the importance of getting involved in student life as much as possible. Federica was an intern at the JCU marketing office and an orientation leader, while Omar found his passion for community service and acted as the president of STAND.

Lastly, Michele Massi studied Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. He is extremely driven and motivated to use the academic and professional skills that he acquired at John Cabot. He is working with the Institute for Entrepreneurship alongside Professor Pulino, and he currently has a very prestigious internship in Rome.

Alexa Vujaklija (Shearer)
Class of 2015
Communications Major
Grew up in the United States, Germany, the Republic of Georgia, Russia, and Bulgaria

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