Life After Graduation: Giovanna Pino, Class of 2018

My name is Giovanna and I graduated from John Cabot University in December 2018 with a major in Marketing and a minor in Psychology.

I have been working for a company called Accenture in Krakow, Poland. Accenture is a consulting multinational that offers services in various sectors, such as business strategy, technology services and much more. In particular, I work for the Accenture Operations division, which deals with providing outsourcing services to other international companies. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have found this job before the official conclusion of my college studies, and for this reason, I am grateful to the role played by the John Cabot University Career Services. In fact, it was during the second Career Fair of the Spring semester that I had the opportunity to hold an initial interview with the company representatives.

The role I play now is the one of Junior Data Reviewer within the company’s Trust & Safety team, where we take care of the revision of online contents, making sure that specific rules are respected. Attention to details and analytical skills are the basis of this work. During my studies at John Cabot, several times I had the opportunity to develop these skills: every single course helped me in some way, from literature, where I analyzed texts in a critical way, to economics and statistics, where the attention in small details was essential for a successful analysis.

John Cabot helped me a lot also for the development of specific soft skills, such as the ability to adapt in environments populated by people from all over the world, appreciate different cultures, and be open to new challenges and experiences. Precisely for this reason, I am proud to have started my career in another country, where I am having the opportunity not only to grow professionally but also on a personal level.

I highly recommend to new students to take advantage of the various activities organized in universities outside of lessons, because every occasion is perfect for a cultural exchange. Moreover, the opportunity to study abroad for a semester is another experience that enriches in a unique way those who choose to undertake this challenge. Certainly, John Cabot is the ideal place where you can have all this, in addition to a unique academic path in the Italian landscape: a perfect mix to prepare us young people to enter the world of work successfully.

Giovanna Pino
Class of 2018
Major in Marketing, Minor in Psychology
Hometown: Saponara, Italy

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