Life after Graduation: Gianmarco Fanciulli

John Cabot University played a significant role in helping me become who I am today.

I had the privilege of spending the best years of my life so far at John Cabot. Not only was I fully involved in different Student Life activities, but I was really part of a community that I am proud to call family. Professors, staff, classmates, and the whole neighborhood of Trastevere are John Cabot’s soul.  The incredible experience of taking part in all of this would be a real blessing for anyone who decides to study at JCU.

The years that I spent at John Cabot were revolutionary. I witnessed many positive changes that greatly increased the value of the university, making it even more special.

Having studied Business Administration at John Cabot helped me build my career and it continues to do so. The educational approach based on real case studies, the organizational mindset, and the professional skills are key elements that have fueled my professional growth.

After graduation, I decided to leave for London where I began work as a Sales Consultant at Harrods. It took a couple of months for me to obtain that position, but in November 2012 my career journey officially started. Harrods was the perfect education for eventually becoming the Department Manager that I am today. After working my way up to the Brand Manager position for the Saint Laurent menswear section at Harrods, I eventually decided to leave London and move to Milan. The whole experience was not easy and it required a lot of dedication. In the meantime, I read many books about talent management, mental coaching, and NLP that further helped me in reaching the objectives I set myself over the years.

Today I work for as the Department Manager of both Gucci Women’s Ready-to-Wear and Gucci Women’s Shoes sections, coordinating two teams of 15 people, at the Rinascente department store in Milan. Reaching that position meant a lot to me.  Milan is the world fashion capital. I’m honored to live here and work for such a prestigious company. Of course, the road to success is still long and full of obstacles. Perseverance, dedication, and the skills acquired over the years are the basis for reaching goals that grow and change constantly, at the speed we want them to.

I can proudly say that John Cabot University gave me the real foundation for entering the work world and being able to fully adapt to its complexity.

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Gianmarco Fanciulli
Class of 2012
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Frosinone

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