Life After Graduation: Alessandra Gargiulo

Hello! My name is Alessandra Gargiulo, and in 2013 I graduated from John Cabot University with a major in International Affairs and a minor in Communications. Today, four years later, I fully appreciate my time at John Cabot, not only because of the incredible support I received during the experience, but also for the help professors and fellow students have given me after I graduated.

While studying, I had the chance to spend a semester at San Diego State University  as part of JCU’s Going Global program, and I worked as an intern for the American Embassy in Rome. This allowed me to grow personally and professionally, so much so that I was selected for the Master’s program at Grande École Sciences Po in Paris. Recently, I was hired by Ernst & Young in their Climate Change & Sustainability department, fulfilling a lifelong professional dream.

Two years ago, after completing an internship in South Africa, I reached out to Professor Silvia Pulino, the director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, to discuss a start-up project, Uyolo. Its goal is to motivate young people to be more socially conscious and reshape the way they think about philanthropy and volunteer work, using technology and innovation.

In spite of my inexperience, I had the enthusiastic support of Professor Pulino and the entire John Cabot community, who guided and mentored me. No matter what will happen with this new endeavor of mine, I will always cherish everything I learned at John Cabot.

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Alessandra Gargiulo 2
Alessandra Gargiulo
Class of 2013
International Affairs major, Communications minor
Hometown: Milan

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