John Cabot University Spring Fling

When you attend university in Rome, your life will be full of adventure. Exploring the Eternal City, traveling, and finding your place in an international student body are only a few examples of how you will spend your time. Above all else, you will adapt to the Italian lifestyle. By enjoying the slower pace of daily life, finding beauty in the small things, and embracing the famous coffee and food culture, you will find yourself living la dolce vita in no time.

More specifically, attending John Cabot University gives you the perfect balance of an American education and academic system sprinkled with Italian culture. JCU wants you to embrace that balance by participating in clubs, activities, trips, events, and more. One of these events is the annual Spring Fling.

Spring Fling

Much like the annual President’s Gala, the Spring Fling is a formal event where students spend time with their peers at a luxurious hotel or venue. They enjoy an evening of Italian food, drink, and culture, and celebrate their one-of-a-kind university and lifestyle.

However, unlike the Gala, the Spring Fling is completely student-run and student-led. The Student Government events coordinator picks the location, chooses a theme, and designs the invitations. He/she even decides on the menu, along with other details. The successful annual event is a true testament to the dedication and hard work of JCU’s Student Government.

The Event

The Spring Fling gives students the perfect opportunity to dress up in their fanciest clothes and enjoy a night out. In doing so, they are able to forget about their stress, schoolwork, and worries–for an evening. Moreover, they truly get to embrace the elegant side of Rome. This event is the perfect excuse for JCU students to acknowledge that their life in Italy is more like a fairy tale or a movie than the average “college experience.”

Professional photographers take their pictures, and students spend the evening dancing, chatting, eating and drinking, and overlooking the rooftops of the Eternal City with their friends and classmates. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Student Spotlight