JCU’s COVID-19 Response Protocols

During the Fall 2020 semester, John Cabot University has made many adjustments to ensure the health and safety of the JCU community during the current pandemic crisis. As COVID-19 has made apparent, keeping clean, social distancing, and face covering is of the utmost importance.

All classes for Fall 2020 have been designed for both remote and in-person options. This hybrid method has helped our students, faculty, and staff to return back to campus for Fall 2020 in a safe and efficient way. Learn more about the adjustments JCU has made to ensure the wellbeing of our faculty, staff, and of course, degree-seeking and study abroad students.

Always Wear A Mask

Students must wear masks at all times when in the JCU building, including the JCU residence. Masks can be surgical or cloth (double layer). Masks must fully cover the mouth and nose of the wearer at all times when being used. JCU distributed four masks to all students upon their first re-entry to campus.

Acceptable masks are:

  • FFP2, K95, N99
  • Surgical masks (single use, multiple use/washable). JCU distributed these masks to students on the first days of class. These masks can be washed up to 5 times if needed. They can be sterilized many more times, without washing, by ironing them.
  • Any masks that have 3 layers of silk or 3 layers of 100 percent cotton.

Not acceptable masks:

  • Masks that have a valve. These masks protect the person who wears them but may expose others to droplets.
  • Single-layer cotton or cloth masks.

Sanitize Your Hands

Students must commit to washing their hands regularly and/or using hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer stations are at every JCU building entrance, outside every classroom, and at many other locations for easy accessibility.

Campus spaces will be sanitized on a regular schedule. Classrooms will be cleaned and sterilized after every class. Students must enter and exit class in a single file and leave the room precisely when the lesson ends so that cleaning staff can enter and conduct the necessary cleaning in a timely fashion.

Respect Social Distancing

While on campus, it is mandatory to maintain a 1.5-meter distance at all times when in JCU buildings. Campus spaces have been marked accordingly to identify appropriate places to sit, stand, and walk. Students must enter and exit buildings and classrooms as directed by JCU staff.

To access the Gym, Tiber Cafe, and Library, you need to book in advance your slot through the EasyDesk app. EasyDesk is an internet booking platform that will allow you to enter certain spaces inside the University. EasyDesk was founded by JCU degree-seeking student Enrico Barchiesi (Class of 2021). Enrico majors in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Learn more about studying abroad or earning your American-accredited degree in Spring or Fall 2021 at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy by contacting [email protected]

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