Why #JCURome’s Multicultural Environment is Important for Your Future

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John Cabot University is home to students from more than 80 countries. From the moment that you step foot in the classroom, you will be part of a diverse and multicultural environment with peers from across the world.

This experience will not only benefit you on a personal level, but it will also help you to succeed throughout your future career. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, with the majority of businesses now operating across more than one country, it’s essential that graduates are equipped to thrive in a multicultural environment. Keep reading to find out how you could benefit from being part of JCU’s diverse student population.

Your Global Network Begins at College in Rome

Studying abroad at JCU, an American university in Rome, is an incredible opportunity to form long-lasting friendships with individuals from across the world. Having these international contacts could help you in years to come.And you never know, they could one day become CEOs or global leaders!

The friends that you make at JCU could become your future colleagues or business partners. Working and socializing with others from different countries will also improve your communication skills and interpersonal skills, as you will need to understand another person’s way of thinking.

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Studying at JCU is an excellent opportunity to meet others from across the world

Prove that You Can Succeed in International Business

Thanks to the internet and ever-improving logistics, it’s becoming easier than ever for businesses to go international and work with clients from across the world. Companies like Uber and Airbnb were able to make huge profits by thinking global from the get go. More and more small businesses are also starting to export.

If you have experience abroad on your resume, you will be able to show that you know how to work in a multicultural environment. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with international experience, as it demonstrates adaptability, resilience, and open-mindedness.

As well as this, research shows that diverse work cultures tend to be more profitable as individuals are more creative. Working in a multicultural environment helps to avoid stagnation and means that businesses can benefit from different perspectives.

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Having international experience on your resume shows employers that you are adaptable

Break Down Cultural Barriers and Learn from Others

Lastly, studying in a multicultural environment in your early 20s will change your way of thinking forever. It’s easy to get stuck in a cultural bubble where you only consume news, music, and literature from your country. Going to JCU with so many other international students will open your mind to new ways of thinking and living. You will be introduced to new cuisines, perspectives, and learn to appreciate cultural differences.

This will benefit you in your future career by expanding your horizons. You might consider a new career path that you hadn’t thought of before, or even start to approach things differently.

It can sometimes be too easy to spend all our lives surrounded by others with exactly the same background and cultural experiences as us. Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to break out of your comfort zone, overcome cultural divides, and start thinking globally.

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