Students and Alumni Making a Difference

Studying at John Cabot University in Italy, you’ll work alongside a diverse group of students from all over the world. One of the great benefits of studying internationally, be it long- or short-term, is being able to connect with, make friends with, and learn from students of varied backgrounds and experiences. 

At John Cabot University, many students are engaged in exciting, inspirational work that seeks to make a real difference in the world. Whether related to today’s unprecedented times or not, these students seek to make a positive change through their actions and passions. Read on to learn about a few JCU alumni and students who are manifesting positive changes in today’s world. 

Benefit from the Entrepreneurial Resilience Series 

John Cabot UniversityOne great initiative that can inspire students is John Cabot University’s project to spread the word about entrepreneurial resilience. The coronavirus pandemic and its widely felt economic impacts have created obstacles for businesses that only entrepreneurial ingenuity can successfully navigate around. The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship has partnered with alumna Giorgia Conte to release a set of videos under the moniker Entrepreneurial Resilience Series

These videos collect the stories of ingenious entrepreneurs who reacted skillfully to the unique economic conditions of the first half of 2020. In the format of short, 1-2-minute clips, the videos contain inspirational messages, practical and technical tips, and stories of support and empathy. The entrepreneurs providing their stories come from varied industries and backgrounds. Some examples are Silvia Pulino, the CEO of franchising consulting company Restore, or Fabio Scognamiglio, from the educational institute yourCFO Academy. Students can watch these clips for inspiration over how professionals can respond to challenging situations. 

Learn About the Inspirational Service of Camilla Santoro 

John Cabot University

Camilla Santoro on duty as an EMT in Brescia

Camilla Santoro is from Brescia, a city in Northern Italy. She came to John Cabot University to major in international affairs, with minors in history and legal studies. In her studies, she’s working on a senior thesis that looks at the ways in which humanitarian intervention can be used to save people in crisis around the world. Her time at JCU is a pathway through which she hopes to continue her education, as she considers taking a master’s in public international law, and moving on to become an ambassador. 

Her interest in caring for others blends into her life in practical, on-the-ground ways, too. Camilla volunteers as an emergency medical technician in her hometown with the croce bianca di Brescia, or the white cross of Brescia. This is an important emergency rescue organization. She was working as a volunteer EMT prior to the coronavirus outbreak but continued to work all throughout the pandemic. Students who study abroad in Italy should be proud and inspired to know that their fellow alumni put their lives on the line to help others in their times of need. 

Learn from Anna Maria Gehnyei’s Necessary Activism & Advocacy

John Cabot University

Karima 2G at the Black Lives Matter Rome Protest

Also known as Karima 2G, Anna Maria Gehnyei is a JCU alumna who contains multitudes. She holds a BA in communications and is working on a second degree in political science. Beyond that she produces music and illustrates, having designed a comic book used in the JCU course Making Comics as Visual Literacy. 

Her activism and advocacy, however, is what can truly inspire study abroad students. She was previously invited in the summer of 2019 to speak in a panel discussion on human rights and women’s rights, alongside Ndileka Mandela, the granddaughter of anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. This summer, she co-organized a demonstration in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and speak about anti-Black racism in Italy. She’s one of John Cabot University’s many politically-involved students who can inspire you when you study abroad. 

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